About Me and Coffeelogik.com

Do you love coffee??? of course you do! Why else would you be on a website about coffee?

I started CoffeeLogik.Com as a way to helping people make sense of coffee. How do you use a French press? What is a V60? How much coffee should you use in an AeroPress?

Questions like these are why I made this site. Giving people the tools they need to make their best cup of coffee. So, if you’re like me and enjoy a good cup of coffee, I hope you’ll enjoy my site, and hopefully learn something about coffee!

Who Am I?

I am a coffee lover and enthusiast.

I have been running this website for almost two years now, and it has been my passion project.

I love learning about all different aspects of coffee, from the origins of the beans to how to make the perfect cup at home.

I am also interested in coffee culture and history, and love exploring new cafes whenever I travel.

I hope you find my website useful and will enjoy learning about coffee as much as I do! Thank you for reading.

About me

Hi, My name is Ashley, Nice to meet you!