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person with cup of bad coffee

How To like Coffee when you don’t like the Taste of Coffee?

Many people are not able to enjoy the taste of coffee. This is because there is a natural aversion to bitterness, which is one of the key tastes in coffee. … Read more

Why does my Coffee Taste Bad? How To Fix bad tasting coffee.

Have you ever asked yourself, “why does my coffee taste bad?” Well, there might be a scientific reason for it. In this blog post, we will discuss the science behind … Read more
9 creative ways to use old coffee grounds

9 Creative Ways To Use Old Coffee Grounds

Coffee is a globally popular beverage. In the UK alone, more than 90 million cups of coffee are served daily. Also, the coffee industry has created employment for over 210,000 … Read more
Coffee in the Congo

Coffee Production in Congo: Coffee and Conflict

Farmers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) grow both Arabica and Robusta varieties of coffee. However, despite Robusta being the lower grade coffee, it has a larger production … Read more
Nicaraguan coffee

How Is coffee Grown In Nicaragua?

Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America. It has an area that is slightly bigger than New York State. On the North of Nicaragua, we have Honduras, and on … Read more
Caribbean Coffee

Caribbean Coffee | How Caribbean Coffee Is Made

Brazil, Indonesia, and Colombia aren’t the only coffee-growing countries in the world. You might be surprised to know that the Caribbean is also a major producer of specialty coffee1.  The … Read more

Drip vs. Immersion Brewing: A Battle of Two Methods

Filtered coffee might be the most straightforward form of brewing coffee. All you need is a paper filter, some hot water, and some coffee ground. However, there are many other … Read more

Everything You Need to know about Vietnamese Coffee

Did you know Vietnam is the second-largest coffee producer in the world? It comes right after Brazil. Arabica and Robusta are the two primary coffee types, and Vietnam is known … Read more

What Is The Nairobi Coffee Exchange? How Do Auctions Work?

The Nairobi Coffee Exchange (NCE) purpose is to auction every batch of coffee beans produced inside Nairobi. It operates under the Nairobi Exchange Management Committee. The Kenyan Agriculture, Food, and … Read more

What You Should Know About Brazil’s Specialty Robusta Scene

We know that there are primarily two types of coffee beans used commercially- Robusta and Arabica. Arabica is known for its sweet taste, whereas Robusta is known for its bitter … Read more