Angels’ Cup Coffee Subscription Review

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Angels’ Cup Coffee Subscription is perfect for anyone who wants to try out as many coffee varieties as possible. One of Angels’ Cup’s unique features is they offer a subscription that sends blind bags with no description of the roaster or the origin; this way, you can experience different coffees without being influenced by the origin or roaster.

On the other hand, for those without an adventurous side, their regular subscriptions come with a detailed tasting card that lists all the information you need to know about the roaster and the specific coffee notes you will get to taste.  

The expert team behind Angels’ Cup will taste coffee from hundreds of roasters and pick only those that work best for you. They only procure the best coffee from their selected roasters. Before you confirm your order with Angels’ Cup, you get to sample each variety on the shelf.

Only when you are 100% satisfied with a given coffee sample, you can confirm your subscription.

Overview of Angels’ Cup

angels' cup coffee subscription review

Angels’ Cup features a broad collection, which they like to call All-Star. You will only find the highest-rated coffees on this board. The voting is public, and anyone part of the Angel’s Cup community can take part.  While you are sampling Coffee from Angels‘ Cup, you can write down notes and other certain qualities that you can later share with the entire community of Angels’ cup. 

Unlike other shops that offer coffee subscriptions, Angels’ Cup comes with a Website and a dedicated App. You can participate in the coffee tasting quiz from either option. 

Also, as a way to surprise their fan-base, Angels’ Cup sends out blind samples randomly. However, they will not add any paper that lists down its origin, how it was roasted, and which brew method is followed. The purpose of this is to surprise the users with new coffee blends. 

What Coffee Subscriptions Does Angel’s Cup Offer?

angels' cup coffee subscription review

Angels’ Cup currently has three different subscription-plans- The Cupping Flight, The Black Box, and the All-Stars. With the Cupping Flight Subscription, you get to taste maximum variety for minimum cost. You also get to sample 4 high-quality, fresh coffees from over 200 roasters. Before you confirm your subscription, you can try out their 32g sample pack. It is enough for brewing two 8oz cups of coffee.

On the other hand, the Black Box coffee subscription offers high quality, amazing freshness, and incredible variety for only $1.20 per cup. The coffee blends that come with this subscription are ideal for brewing using a Affiliate LinkChemex, Affiliate LinkFrench Press, or even a regular coffee pot.

And lastly, we have the All-Stars coffee subscription, which includes only the highest-rated coffees from the Angels’ Cup community, shipped straight from the roaster. If you get a weekly subscription to their All-Stars pack, you will get to taste around 52 different coffee varieties each year. 

Why Choose Angels’ Cup?

If the coffee’s quality and freshness are your priority, you should go with Angels’ Cup. The Black Box and Cupping Flight subscription plans are usually packed up on Monday night and collected by the post office on Tuesday. As soon as your shipping label gets listed, you will be sent a tracking number.  It takes around a week for the shipment to get delivered to your doorstep. But this time generally depends on your location.  

If you are a fan of light roast coffee, you can rely on Angels’ Cup for your fix. They have the best light roast blends that retain the original features of the brew. They also have single-origin brews, which have a bright and robust flavor with subtle fruity notes.  The medium roast from Angels’ Cup ensures a perfect blend for those with low acidity and sourness tolerance. This blend tastes more like chocolate and vanilla. 

Along with getting a subscription for your personal use, you can also buy a gift subscription plan. Furthermore, if you need to alter the recipient’s address, you can do that any time, even after the order has been confirmed.  Every coffee blend from Angels’ Cup is suitable for single-cup brewing. You can use any method such as Chemex, Hario V60, or AeroPress. If you are new, try out with single-cup brewing first, and then move on to brewing an entire pot at a go.  

How Much Does Angel’s Cup Cost?

As mentioned before, Angels’ Cup comes with three different coffee subscription plans, below is a breakdown of the pricing for each plan. The more shipments you order at a time, the less the price is per shipment. You get a 5% discount if you order 6 shipments at a time and 10% off if you order 12 shipments.

All StarsCuppingBlack Box
Per Shipment$17.49$9.99$19.99
Per 6 Shipments$99.72$56.94$113.94
Per 12 Shipments$188.88$107.88$239.88
Price Does Not Include Tax or Shipping.

All the plans are pretty moderately priced. Each of the three coffee plans listed above comes with samples. As far as shipping is concerned, the Angels’ Cup has a standard delivery time of 7-10 working days. The All-Stars has the lowest delivery time, which is 3-5 days after your place your order.

After you confirm a specific subscription, you can cancel or change your subscription anytime you want. You can also alter the frequency of your order and change your grind preference. For example, if you feel like trying the cold brew for the next few days, you can always change your grind preference to a coarser grind any time you want. 


If you’re a coffee nut like me, then you’ll love Angels’ cup. The different variety of coffees they have will have you coming back for more.

Their service is top-notch and they take pride in the coffee they procure and send out. If you ever receive a delivery of poor-quality coffee, you can claim an in-store credit or a refund this is how much they stand behind the coffee they ship.

To ensure the best user experience, you should always create an account on their website. While signing up, you only need to submit your name, your email address, a shipping address and pick a password.

Once you have created an account, you will soon be on your way to enjoying delicious coffee. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe To Angel’s Cup and discover the coffee that has been missing from your life!