My Experience with Angels’ Cup Coffee Subscription Service

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As a self-proclaimed coffee lover, I am always eager to explore the vast world of coffee, from the rich flavors and enticing aromas to the diverse origins and roasting techniques. In my quest for the ultimate coffee experience, I stumbled upon Angels’ Cup Coffee Subscription service, a platform that claims to transform the ordinary coffee routine into a captivating journey of discovery and sensory delight. Intrigued by this proposition, I embarked on my own Angels’ Cup adventure, eager to uncover the treasures hidden within their curated selection of coffee beans.

This review will provide a comprehensive and objective account of my experience with the Angels’ Cup Coffee Subscription service. From the sign-up process to the coffee tasting itself, I will share my insights and impressions to guide fellow coffee connoisseurs in deciding whether this unique subscription service is the right fit for their java journey. To ensure a thorough evaluation, I will delve into the various aspects of the service, including the subscription plans, delivery and packaging, tasting experience, coffee quality and variety, and customer support, ultimately presenting the pros and cons to paint a complete picture of what Angels’ Cup has to offer.

Sign Up and Subscription Plans: Catering to Every Coffee Lover’s Taste

The initial step in my Angels’ Cup adventure was signing up for the service, a refreshingly straightforward process. Upon visiting the user-friendly website, I was greeted by a clear and concise presentation of the various subscription plans available. Angels’ Cup offers three distinct plans, each designed to cater to different preferences, budgets, and levels of coffee expertise:

  1. The Cupping Flight: Perfect for those who are new to coffee tasting or prefer smaller sample sizes, this plan provides four 1 oz samples of unique coffees in each shipment. With the smaller sample sizes, it’s an affordable way to begin your coffee exploration journey and identify your taste preferences without committing to larger quantities.
  2. The Black Box: Designed for more experienced coffee enthusiasts or those who wish to indulge in a broader tasting experience, this plan includes four 2.75 oz coffee samples in each shipment. The increased sample size allows for multiple tastings, enabling subscribers to further refine their palates and develop a deeper understanding of each coffee’s distinct characteristics.
  3. The All-Stars: This plan is ideal for those who have already identified their favorite coffee styles and are eager to savor the best of the best. The All-Stars subscription features one 12 oz bag of coffee per shipment, handpicked from the highest-rated beans by the Angels’ Cup community. This option is perfect for coffee aficionados seeking a more focused and curated experience, showcasing the crème de la crème of the coffee world.

During the sign-up process, I was also allowed to customize my subscription by selecting my preferred roast level (light, medium, or dark) and delivery frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly). This level of personalization allowed me to tailor my Angels’ Cup experience to my specific tastes and needs.

After considering my options, I decided to go with The Black Box subscription plan, as it seemed to strike the perfect balance between variety and quantity for my coffee journey. With my subscription choice made and preferences selected, I eagerly awaited the arrival of my first shipment, ready to embark on a sensory exploration of the fascinating world of coffee.

The Delivery and Packaging: Thoughtful Design for an Engaging Experience

My first shipment from Angels’ Cup arrived within the expected time frame, just a few days after the coffee was roasted. The anticipation of unboxing my new coffee samples only heightened my excitement for the tasting journey ahead.

Upon receiving the package, I was immediately impressed by the attention to detail in the design and the sturdiness of the box. The exterior was adorned with the Angels’ Cup logo and subtle coffee-related illustrations, creating an air of sophistication and mystery. The package was also well-sealed, ensuring the coffee samples remained intact and fresh during transit.

Inside the box, I found four 2.75 oz coffee samples, each carefully packed in a resealable, foil-lined pouch with a unique identifying number. This numbering system is key to the blind-tasting experience, as it removes any preconceived notions or biases that might be influenced by factors such as branding or origin information. The pouches were designed to maintain the freshness of the coffee, protecting it from exposure to air and light, which can degrade the quality and taste over time.

In addition to the coffee samples, the box included a tasting card that guided me through the tasting process. The card featured a flavor wheel and space for notes, allowing me to jot down my observations and impressions of each coffee as I tasted it. The card also provided the roasters’ descriptions and information about each coffee sample, which I could compare with my notes after completing the tasting.

The overall packaging and delivery experience was thoughtfully designed to enhance the excitement and engagement of the Angels’ Cup adventure. The combination of the visually appealing box, meticulously packed coffee samples, and informative tasting card created a seamless and enjoyable experience from the moment the package arrived at my doorstep.

Tasting Experience: A Sensory Voyage

The most exhilarating aspect of the Angels’ Cup experience lies in the blind tasting. This innovative approach encourages you to set aside any preconceived notions and fully immerse yourself in the sensory exploration of the coffee. As you embark on this sensory voyage, you’ll find that the numbered samples create a sense of mystery and anticipation, heightening your focus on the flavors, aroma, and overall taste of each coffee.

Before diving into the tasting, I made sure to follow the recommended brewing method to ensure consistency and an optimal tasting experience. Once the coffee was brewed, I began by taking note of the aroma, as it offers the first hint of the flavors that await. Swirling the coffee gently in my cup, I closed my eyes and allowed the fragrance to envelop me, attempting to identify any distinct notes or undertones.

Next, I moved on to the actual tasting, savoring each sip and paying close attention to the mouthfeel, acidity, sweetness, and flavor profile. To enhance my palate’s sensitivity, I cleansed it with water between each sample, ensuring a fair comparison. This mindful and introspective process fostered a deeper appreciation for the complexity and nuances of each coffee.

Throughout the tasting, I jotted down my thoughts and impressions on a separate sheet of paper, as I found this helpful in retaining the sensory information for later comparison. Once I had tasted all the samples, I returned to each one for a second round, allowing for a more informed evaluation and the opportunity to refine my notes.

Finally, with my tasting complete, I unveiled the true identity of each coffee by consulting the tasting card provided in the box. This was an enlightening moment, as I could now compare my observations with the roasters’ descriptions and learn more about the coffee’s origins, processing methods, and flavor notes. Additionally, this process allowed me to identify any gaps in my tasting abilities, inspiring me to continue refining my palate and developing my coffee expertise.

Coffee Quality and Variety: A Diverse and Flavorful Exploration

One of the most important aspects of any coffee subscription service is the quality and variety of the coffee offerings, and Angels’ Cup truly excels in this area. The samples I received were sourced from reputable roasters, ensuring that each selection was crafted with skill and expertise. The freshness of the beans was evident in every cup I brewed, as the vibrant and complex flavors came through with each sip.

The variety of coffee provided was exceptional, exposing me to an array of roasts and origins that I may not have encountered otherwise. I was particularly impressed by the balance between well-known coffee-producing regions, such as Ethiopia and Colombia, and less common origins like Burundi and Papua New Guinea. This diverse selection allowed me to appreciate the nuances in flavor profiles attributed to the distinct terroir and processing methods of each region.

In terms of roast levels, Angels’ Cup provided a satisfying assortment of light, medium, and dark roasts. This diverse range enabled me to experience the subtle differences in acidity, body, and sweetness across the roast spectrum. The samples included both single-origin coffees and blends, further enhancing the variety and allowing me to compare and contrast the characteristics of each coffee type.

Moreover, the coffee samples showcased an array of processing methods, such as washed, natural, and honey processes. This exposure to different processing techniques broadened my understanding of how these methods can impact a coffee’s flavor profile, revealing the multitude of factors that contribute to creating the final cup.

Customer Support: Attentive and Responsive

During my time as a subscriber to Angels’ Cup, I found myself needing to reach out to their customer service team on several occasions. This provided me with the opportunity to evaluate their level of attentiveness, responsiveness, and overall commitment to ensuring a positive customer experience.

Ease of Contact

Contacting the Angels’ Cup customer service team was a seamless process, with multiple channels available for communication, including email and social media platforms. This allowed me to choose the most convenient method for me, depending on the nature of my query and the response time I was seeking.

Response Time

I was particularly impressed with the quick response time of the Angels’ Cup support team. Regardless of the channel I used to contact them, I typically received a reply within a few hours, which is faster than the industry average. In cases where a more immediate response was needed, their active presence on social media ensured that I could get the assistance I required without any delay.

Resolution of Issues

The customer service representatives I interacted with were knowledgeable about the service and displayed a genuine willingness to address my concerns. They provided clear and concise answers to my questions, whether it was about shipment delays, coffee selections, or the tasting process. In one instance, when I faced an issue with a damaged coffee sample, the support team promptly resolved the matter by sending a replacement, ensuring that my tasting experience remained uninterrupted.

Personal Touch

What truly set Angels’ Cup customer service apart was the personal touch they added to each interaction. The representatives were not only professional and efficient but also friendly and engaging, giving me the impression that they genuinely cared about my experience and satisfaction. They were eager to hear my feedback and often followed up to ensure that my concerns were fully addressed.

Pros and Cons


  1. Wide variety of high-quality coffee samples: Angels’ Cup sources its coffee from a diverse range of roasters, ensuring a unique and ever-changing selection of beans. This introduces subscribers to new flavors and helps expand their palate, taking them on a fascinating coffee journey.
  2. Blind tasting encourages unbiased evaluation: The blind tasting format of Angels’ Cup allows subscribers to focus solely on their senses, unswayed by branding or preconceived notions about specific origins or roasters. This fosters a more authentic and unbiased appreciation of the coffee’s true characteristics.
  3. Easy sign-up process and user-friendly website: The straightforward sign-up process and the clean, intuitive design of the Angels’ Cup website makes it easy for users to choose a subscription plan, manage their account, and navigate through the various features and information available.
  4. Prompt customer support: The responsive and friendly customer support team at Angels’ Cup ensures a positive experience for subscribers. Their commitment to addressing questions and concerns promptly contributes to a sense of trust and satisfaction with the service.
  5. Educational aspect: The tasting cards provided with each shipment not only help subscribers compare their impressions with the roasters’ notes but also serve as an educational tool. They guide users through the process of evaluating coffee, helping them develop a more refined understanding of the nuances in flavor profiles, body, and acidity.


  1. Price may be a concern for some customers: While the unique experience and high-quality coffee samples make Angels’ Cup a worthwhile investment for many, the subscription cost might be prohibitive for some. Depending on the chosen plan, the price may be a consideration for those with budget constraints.
  2. Limited information on coffee origins and roasters before tasting: Due to the nature of the blind tasting experience, detailed information about the coffee samples, such as origins and roaster profiles, is not provided upfront. For some subscribers, this lack of information might reduce the overall enjoyment of the experience.
  3. Shipping frequency may not suit all coffee drinkers: Angels’ Cup offers weekly, biweekly, and monthly shipping options, but the frequency may not align perfectly with all subscribers’ coffee consumption habits. For those who consume coffee at a slower pace, there is a risk of accumulating excess coffee over time, which could impact freshness.
  4. Not suitable for those with specific preferences: Although the variety of coffee samples is a significant selling point for Angels’ Cup, it may not be ideal for individuals with very specific taste preferences or dietary restrictions. The broad selection means that subscribers may occasionally receive coffee samples that do not align with their tastes.


In conclusion, my experience with Angels’ Cup Coffee Subscription Service has been largely positive and enriching. The service offers a unique and immersive coffee journey, introducing subscribers to a diverse range of high-quality coffee beans while fostering an unbiased appreciation through its blind-tasting format. The thoughtful packaging, educational aspects, and exceptional customer support all contribute to an enjoyable and engaging experience.

While the cost of the subscription and certain limitations in customization may not suit everyone, Angels’ Cup remains an excellent choice for coffee enthusiasts seeking to expand their palate and deepen their understanding of the complex world of coffee. For those who appreciate the process of discovery and sensory exploration, Angels’ Cup Coffee Subscription Service is a captivating and rewarding adventure that has the potential to transform your everyday coffee routine into a truly extraordinary experience.