Atlas Coffee Subscription Review

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In this article, we will be looking at the Atlas Coffee Subscription. A few unique things about this coffee subscription club are trying to match your coffee preferences with the best coffee blends on their shelves. Once you get a match and confirm your subscription, Atlas will deliver your coffee like clockwork every 2 weeks or every month, depending on how much of a coffee lover you are. And lastly, taking help from the brewing guide, even if you are just getting started on your coffee journey, you will be able to brew the best tasting coffee right at home.  This month’s Feature coffee on Atlast is from Costa Rica. In the later part of the article, we will look at how Atlast features a new variety of coffee each month. But before that, let us take a brief overview of Atlas Coffee Subscription. 

Overview Of The Atlas Coffee Club

atlas coffee subscription

To highlight the origin country’s heritage and culture, Atlas Coffee Subscription arrives in bags that feature special designs. The bag designs aim to highlight patterns and colors closely connected to the cultural values of the origin country and its people. 

Each of the Atlas Coffee Blends comes with a unique flavor and taste profile. Some of the most highlighted flavors include jam, berry, and chocolate. All the Atlas Subscriptions are personalized to the smallest detail. 

What Coffee Subscriptions Does The Atlas Coffee Offer?

Atlas Coffee Subscription offers something new every month. If you have discovered your fix already, and want to stick to it, it is totally up to you. You can continue with your recurring coffee subscription. On the other hand, if you want to offer something new to your taste buds, you should keep an eye out for their Coffee of the Month pick. 

The Atlas Monthly Coffee Subscription aims to offer something new to its subscribers. It enables its subscribers to taste coffee that they normally do not see in supermarkets. Atlas Coffee Club, you can try coffee from around the world. 

After you order the Featured Monthly Coffee, you will receive a card with details about how it was processed, what is the ideal brewing method for this coffee, and how it will taste like once it is done brewing. If you like a blend from the Feature Monthly Coffee section, you can change your recurring coffee subscription for it. 

And then there is the existing Atlas Coffee Offering. Currently, there are over 50 countries on the planet growing coffee. Which one should you pick? If you are not a coffee enthusiast, you will not have many ideas about different varieties of coffee, and that is completely normal. Atlas Coffee Club is here to do the hard work for you. 

Why Choose Atlas Coffee Club?

Atlas Coffee Club prioritizes curating premium coffee beans from the best farms. Unlike large coffee franchises, like Starbucks, Atlas Coffee Club prefers curating coffee small scale, household farms in micro-lots. As the size of every new shipment is very small, they have to order fresh beans every month. This has an added advantage; the subscribers of Atlas Coffee Club get to taste great coffee every time.

Once the fresh green coffee beans are received, they go through the roasting step. With the monthly Atlas Coffee Subscription, you get 12 ounces of coffee shipped right at your door. The delivery comes with a postcard, some useful brewing tips, and detailed flavor notes. 

If this is your first time getting a coffee subscription, Atlas Coffee Subscription will not disappoint you. Let them become your virtual coffee guide. Atlas will cut through the noise, and identify only the best, and exotic coffee in the market, and ship it straight to you. Along with buying coffee, or purchasing the coffee subscription online, you can also get their coffee blends from their physical stores. 

Try Atlas Coffee Club

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What Is The Cost Of A Atlas Coffee Club Subscription?

Along with ensuring the most moderate price to its customers, Atlas Coffee Club also aims to provide a fair price to its suppliers. This is how they aim to achieve sustainability. When the farmers get the fair price, and when they make a profit, they can invest that money into buying new advanced technologies that increase the coffee production efficiency. If this can be achieved, the entire supply chain benefits, starting from the small-scale farmers, to the last member of the supply chain, the end consumers. 

atlas coffee subscription
atlas coffee subscription
atlas coffee subscription

There are three different pricing tiers for Atlas Coffee Subscription. First, we have the cheapest one-Half Bag (6 oz. for 15 cups) which comes at $9. The second variety includes a single bag with 12 oz. coffee for 30 cups. This pack comes at $14. And lastly, we have the Double Bag, 24 oz. bag for brewing 60 cups. This one will cost you $28.

After you pick the one you want to subscribe to, first specify how often you would like to receive the delivery. You can either pick 2 weeks or 4 weeks. After that, you will be asked about your roast preference. There is light to medium, medium to dark, and a mixed blend option. And lastly, you will be asked about the grind preference, you can either go with Whole Beans or Ground coffee.  

Once you provide all this information, you will see a small Oder Summary box appear on the bottom of the screen. Before confirming your order, recheck the information you provided, and then hit Continue to Checkout. 


In Conclusion, let us talk a little about the finding values of Atlas Coffee Club. They started with the sole aim of providing the world’s best coffee to its customers. They have mastered this art over the years. They ensure the highest quality coffee following three easy steps. 

Firstly, they conduct uncountable tasting samples each month. Secondly, they optimize the roast profile to reach the optimal flavor purity that matches the customer’s preference. And thirdly, Atlas Coffee ensures the delivery is made soon after the roasting is done. 

So you now know you are in good hands with the Atlas Coffee Subscription pack. Do leave a comment below, if you have any further queries.