BeanBox Coffee Subscription Review

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Beanbox is a popular coffee company that sells subscriptions to different varieties of coffees. The Beanbox coffee subscription’s benefit is that they have an extensive collection of coffee blends that you can choose from at an affordable price.  Another significant advantage of Beanbox coffee is that you no longer have to roast and brew coffee on your own once you subscribe to their packs. You will get a freshly roasted coffee blend that is ready to be brewed.  

Coffee, to some, might only be an energizing beverage that they get every morning before going into work. But to some, it is an art. Some people like the sound of coffee beans grinding in the grinder. Some people like watching as their coffee blooms in warm water.  If you are one of these people, you should try a coffee subscription. In this article, we will talk about one of the best coffee subscriptions out there- Beanbox Coffee

Overview of Beanbox

beanbox coffee subscription

Beanbox in-house coffee curators procure coffee beans after tasting hundreds of different varieties. They procure a constant supply of the finest coffee beans from the top producers from Seattle and Portland. Along with that, they also get coffee beans from as far as Ethiopia. 

Some of the top coffee roasters it gets its coffee from include Zoka Coffee, Kuma coffee, Ladro Roasting, Fonte, and Rainier. 

If you have never ordered a coffee subscription before, you can get started with Beanbox’s curated list. They have a lot of different varieties available. 

Starting from toffee, chocolate, and spicy to lime, grapefruit, and citrus. They also have First Bloom Spring Blend, which has a taste of Almond, Floral Orange, Neptune Blend with caramel, chocolate, and spice flavor, 50th Anniversary Blend with Caramel, Citrus, Milk Chocolate flavor, and so on. 

Along with offering different taste coffee packs, Beanbox also offers different varieties of roast profiles. Starting from dark, light, to medium roast coffee. Furthermore, they also offer single origin, decaf, as well as premium teas. 

Yes, if you have been drinking coffee for a long time, you can switch to Beanbox’s premium collection of teas. Currently, they have eight different types of premium tea. The Cozy Nights Herbal Tea ($15.00) comes with Licorice, Chamomile, Minty flavor. The Passion Mountain Tea #1051 ($13.00) offers a rich flavor of Floral, Papaya, Fruity. 

Beanbox Coffee Subscriptions

beanbox coffee subscription

Along with a regular Beanbox subscription, you can also get Gift packs for your loved ones. Beanbox coffee gifts are curated from the world’s best artisan roasters. Every pack of Beanbox gift hampers is made and shipped from Seattle. Shipping this way ensures the flavor stays fresh even days after you receive it.

If you have an upcoming corporate event or a family gathering, you can include a Beanbox coffee pack as a gift. As mentioned earlier, the Beanbox coffee is made using the finest Artisan coffee out there. Beanbox coffee gifts allow you to show how much you care about your friends. 

If one of your friends is a coffee lover just like you, you should gift him one of Beanbox’s coffee packs for his next birthday. You can go with monthly coffee subscriptions or special deluxe gift boxes. 

Why Choose Beanbox?

There are three reasons why Beanbox is considered one of the best coffee subscriptions out there. It is made in exclusive small-batch micro labs. It gets its coffee beans roasted from award-winning roasters, and it offers award-winning varieties to its customers. Some consider Beanbox as the best Artisan coffee out there. 

The second reason is Beanbox coffee is made from the finest coffee beans out there. They have Maryna Gray as the expert in-house curator and prestigious Cup of Excellence Juror. She is known for her expertise in picking out the best coffee beans. 

The third and most important reason why you should choose Beanbox is, they ensure users get coffee that has the highest level of freshness. Every pack of Beanbox coffee is freshly roasted and packaged for delivery quickly. They come with a freshness guarantee. 

beanbox coffee subscription

Beanbox Pricing

There are different varieties of blends available from Beanbox. The average price of Beanbox coffee is around $18. But it can increase or decrease depending on the blend you are picking. We have listed down the price and what flavors you get for each blend. 

beanbox coffee subscription

The Verdict

We have already seen Beanbox offers a fresh coffee subscription. In conclusion, let’s talk a little more about Beanbox gift packs. Beanbox comes with many gift perks. It gives the recipient a taste of unique and small-batch coffee. Furthermore, you get free shipping for coffee gifts that cost $30 or above. 

To grow a loyal user-base and give back to their community, Beanbox has an interesting Credit system. You can earn 5% back on your total spending as Beanbox credits, which you can later use for purchasing your next Beanbox gift.