Best coffee vloggers To Learn From on YouTube

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Do you want to peruse coffee brewing professionally? If yes, you need to practice more. But you need someone to guide you. Someone who will share the tips, and tricks of coffee brewing with you. And if that someone is a professional barista himself, your journey towards becoming a successful barista will become easier. 

YouTube has become a popular outlet for entertainment. But with each passing day, people are using it more to learn new things and acquire new skills. There are hundreds of coffee vloggers’ Youtube channels on coffee brewing. But you do not need to watch videos from all these channels. 

This article lists down the best coffee vloggers on youtube for coffee-making and aspiring baristas. 

Best coffee vloggers YouTubers

Home Grounds

According to Steven Home, the creator behind Home Grounds, coffee is not only a beverage, it is a lifestyle. There are many videos on traditional recipes and coffee brewing guides. And there are some unique brewing guides, such as how to do cold brew in a Mason Jar.

 Currently, there are 40+ full-length videos on this channel available for anyone. This channel started its journey only back in April 2019. And within this short period, it has grown into a channel with 700K+ views and more than 8K subscribers. 

Along with their YouTube channel, Steven also has a website. There is a different blog section on the site, where you will find blog content on different aspects related to coffee. You will find coffee brewing guides and different how-to, and informative blogs on important topics such as Coffee Grind Size Chart

coffee vloggers


RealChrisBaca is one of the most popular coffee vloggers on YouTube. The man behind this channel is Chris, who is a former Barista Champion. He started this YouTube channel back in 2015. And currently, it has over 70K subscribers. On aggregate, this channel has more than 6 million views.

Along with daily vlogs, Chris has a specific playlist dedicated to teaching people like you to brew coffee in less than one minute. You will find videos on brew AeroPress, Clever S, French Press, Kalita Wave, and Milk Streaming. Other than that, you will find informative videos on coffee beans, barista championships, and tours of different coffee plants.

There is a website where you can reach Chris named Cat and Cloud. Unfortunately, you will not see any blogs on the site. Instead, you can find different coffee grounds and blends from it. You can get a 3-month or a 6-month coffee ground subscription. Visit their website to learn more about how they source their coffee and how they process & package it. 

Whole Latte Love

If you are an aspiring Barista, this website will help you set up your coffee shop. There are informative videos on how to buy the ideal Espresso Machine and many more. There are currently 100+ videos on this channel that comprise many podcasts, many how-to guides, and a bunch of comparison blogs. 

This coffee channel might be the oldest YouTube channel for coffee lovers out there. It started its journey back in 2009, and currently, it has over 70 Million views. 

On their website, Whole Latte Love, you will find blogs on the top coffee brands, top accessory brands, what to look for in different Espresso Machines, feature breakdowns of different coffee makers, and so on.   


Coffeefusion started its journey back in 2011. It now has over 4 Million views. If you are just starting with coffee brewing, you can take help from the 6 Week Latte Art Bootcamp and the 6 Week Home Barista Bootcamp

You can learn how to brew latte, cappuccino, and many other coffee drinks from this channel. Along with that, there are a few coffee art videos that we found interesting. There is a dedicated playlist for different types of latte art

Dritan Alsela

Next, we have a channel by Dritan Alsela, which now has a total view count of over 45+ Million. Dritan is a barista by profession and a Coffee Maker YouTuber. He has been working in this field for the last 19 years. He owns a Barista School, a Café, and a Roastery in Düsseldorf, Germany.

There are 100+ videos on this channel. There are a few videos on being a competitive barista. Being a professional barista is no joke. You might have to handle 6-7 cups of joe at a single go from time to time. Videos such as 10 Cappuccinos in 4 minutes and 10 seconds might help you learn from the masters. 

Being a professional barista, Dritan travels a lot. You will find many vlogs on Coffee fests in New York, Panama, Amsterdam, Istanbul, and many others. 

Sweet Maria’s Coffee

Sweet Maria is a coffee brand based in Oakland, CA, USA. They sell green coffee and other home-roasting equipment. They are famous for live-streaming Q&A sessions where they interact with a coffee lover worldwide. 

You will also find many travel vlogs, where they travel to different parts of the world such as Rwanda, Burundi, and many others searching for the best coffee beans and local brewing techniques. 

Tim Wendelboe

Tim Wendelboe is a coffee roaster, an Espresso Bar, and a coffee school. They aim to import the best coffee beans from around the world, come up with new brewing techniques, and educate people on why some beans are better than others. 

Currently, there are 150+ videos on this channel. You will find how-to guides on brewing French Press, Cold Coffee, Pour-Over Coffee, and many more.  


If you are serious about pursuing a career in coffee brewing, now you know about the best coffee vloggers on YouTube For Coffee Making from where you can learn about coffee brewing, which machines to use, what recipes work best, and so on. You will also see how the World Barista Championships work and how to maintain a bustling coffee bar.