How To Make Coffee Using A Siphon Coffee Maker

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This guide will show you everything you need to know to brew a perfect cup of coffee using a Siphon(Vacuum) Coffee Maker

Brewing siphon coffee is the fanciest coffee brewing technique out there. It involves fire, a halogen beam heater, and a few fancy chemistry lab supplies.

Back in the 19th century, Siphon Coffee brewing was first invented in Germany. It is a full-immersion coffee brewing technique. The Siphon Brewer comes with four different parts. It has a top, and a bottom chamber, a filter, and a heat source. The top chamber is used to brew coffee, and the bottom chamber is exposed to the heat source. If you are new to brewing Siphon coffee, do not worry! It is not as complicated as it sounds. 

Siphon coffee makers use a vacuum brewing method. The water in the lower chamber of the coffee maker is heated to a boiling point. As the vapor pressure increases in the chamber, the water rises upwards and into the upper chamber through a glass tube connecting the two pieces. 

To brew coffee using a siphon coffee maker, you need a constant heat source. You can use heating sources such as butane, halogen, gas, and denatured alcohol. But as mentioned above, halogen burners are the best heat source for brewing siphon coffee. 

Siphon Brewing Videos

Below are some videos to help you understand the siphon brewing process.

Brewing Siphon Coffee

How To Brew Coffee In A Siphon Coffee Maker

Assemble the Filter

siphon coffee

Place the filter at the center of the upper bowl. Gently pick up the Siphon Brewer and locate the small chain at the bottom. You need to pull it down and attach the clip to the bottom of the funnel.

Add water to the bottom container

siphon coffee

The heat source can heat the water. But it is recommended that you preheat the water before adding it to the siphon brewer. You are going to need 300 grams of water. Make sure water didn’t spill on the outer surface of the globe flask. Otherwise, it might explode when you bring it under the heat source. 

Heat the water

siphon coffee

Take the bottom part of the Siphon coffee brewer, and place it on a heat source. You can use a butane burner or a halogen burner. Turn up the heat. Now take the funnel, and place it loosely on top of the bottom chamber. But make sure it is not completely attached. 

Grind Your Coffee

siphon coffee

We all know that ground coffee goes stale if it’s put on a shelf after the grind. Using freshly ground coffee for any kind of coffee brewing is the best thing to do. But how much should you grind? Well, for this recipe, we are going to use 20 grams of coffee. Grind it to a coarse finish.

As far as the ground is concerned, grind the coffee to a middle coarseness. The ground should be a little finer than you would use with a French Press

Attach the top To The Bottom

By the time you are done grinding your coffee, the water will start to boil. This is when you should add the funnel to the bottom chamber. Make sure they are put together tightly. 

Pour coffee into the water of the top container

siphon coffee

Wait for a few seconds before the water fills up the upper chamber. However, there will always be some water residue at the bottom chamber. When the top chamber is full of water, add the ground coffee. Take a spoon and nicely stir the mixture. 

Brewing The Coffee

siphon coffee

The entire brew time for this technique is one and a half minutes. After you hit the 45-second mark, take a spoon, and give a nice stir to the mixture for the second time. 

Remove the heat source

You do not need to keep the heat source at the funnel’s bottom for the entire brewing duration. Remove it once you hit the one-and-a-half-minute mark. After you have removed the heat source, the coffee will start to draw down to the bottom. This process will take somewhere between a minute or so. 


  • Fresh Ground Coffee (Coarse Grind)
  • Siphon Coffee Filter


  • Siphon Coffee Maker

Materials: Water

Serving The Coffee

siphon coffee

Before you serve, remove the top part containing the old coffee grounds and place it aside. Using the handle on the base you can serve the coffee directly from the globe. Be careful while you are handling the parts, as they might still be hot.  

siphon coffee

As far as the siphon coffee maker maintenance is concerned, keep the filter in a large bowl filled with water. Add a quarter teaspoon of espresso cleaning detergent. This will keep your siphon coffee maker nice and tidy for the next brew. 


Brewing siphon coffee is fairly a new concept to Americans. A few decades ago, a coffee shop was opened in America that mimicked Japanese baristas’ traditions and recipes. This consolidated the idea that Siphon Brewing is a Japanese concept. 

But as we have learned in the previous section, it originated in Berlin, Germany 100 years ago. The original patent for a vacuum coffee maker was filed in Berlin in the 1830s. As far as the first siphon Brewer is concerned, it was manufactured by a French woman named Madame Vassieux. 

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