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Presto Dorothy Rapid Cold Brewer [2022 Review]

When it comes to cold brewing coffee, you have a lot of different options. From using an old-fashioned Affiliate LinkFrench Press pot to buying one of the many types of cold brewers on the market today, there are plenty of ways for you to get your caffeine fix. This article will discuss how to use … Read more


Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker Review – Coffee Logik

Affiliate LinkKeurig K-Duo is an innovative product that combines the ease of making a single cup of coffee with the convenience of preparing larger batches. In this review we’ll explore features like brewing speed, design, ease of use, and more! The Affiliate LinkKeurig K-Duo has all the essential features you’d expect from a high-quality coffee … Read more

Lardera Coffee Roasters

Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder Review – Coffee Logik

Mueller SuperGrind burr Coffee Grinder Review In this review, we will be looking a the features of the Affiliate LinkMuellerSuper Grind Burr Coffee Grinder, the Pros and Cons, and what we think of it. Overview of the Mueller SuperGrind burr Coffee Grinder? The Affiliate LinkMueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder is a coffee grinder that has … Read more

OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder Review – Coffee Logik

OverView of the OXO Burr Grinder. The Affiliate LinkOXO Brew Conical Burr Grinder is a coffee grinder that has been designed for use by the home user. It features 40mm stainless steel conical burrs, which are durable and produce an even grind for optimize flavor extraction. This machine also boasts 15 grind settings (plus micro) … Read more

Forte BG

Baratza Forte BG Burr Coffee Grinder Full Review – Coffee Logik

Overview Home baristas, cafes, and specialty coffee lovers the world over have recognized that Baratza grinders are preferred by coffee professionals and backed by Baratza’s world-class support. The features make it easy to exactly control the size of the grounds for any kind of brewing process including espresso. The Affiliate LinkBaratza Forte BG (Brew Grinder) … Read more

Ninja 10-Cup Specialty Coffee Maker, with 50 Oz Glass Carafe, Stainless Steel

Ninja 10-cup Specialty Coffee Maker Review – Coffee Logik

What is the ninja 10-cup specialty coffee maker? The Affiliate LinkNinja 10-Cup Specialty Coffee Maker is a revolutionary way to make coffee. It lets you choose the perfect drink for any occasion with its variety of size options. You can brew fresh over ice for flavorful iced coffee or create super-rich coffee concentrate that you … Read more


K-2500 Single Serve Coffee Maker Review – Coffee Logik

If you’re looking for a coffee maker that will give your office the caffeinated boost it needs to get through the day, then you need the Affiliate LinkKeurig K-2500 Single-Serve Commercial Coffee Maker. It is built with commercial-grade machinery and has a direct water line plumbing connection so refills are easy. The single-serve design lets … Read more