3 Coffee Eye Mask Recipes | Good Bye Dark Circles!

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The most annoying thing with Dark Circles is when someone points them out to you. They will not stop there. They will continue assuming why you have black circles under your eye. Some would say you have had insomnia. And some would say you have been leading an unhealthy lifestyle. 

How Hard Is It To Get Rid Of Dark Circles?

But contrary to popular belief, dark circles can form under your eyes if you go only one day without sleep. Yes, that’s how easy it is. 

The way having a receding hairline can make men feel insecure, the same is true for women when it comes to having dark circles. Insecurity is not even the worst part; dark circles can also make women look older than they are. 

Before we look at three easy recipes for removing Dark Circles, let us learn why and who are more likely to develop dark circles under their eyes. 

If you have been suffering from dark circles under your eye, do not worry. You do not need to see a doctor. On most occasions, these dark circles will go away naturally. But, if you notice the dark circles are only getting darker day by day, you can start using simple face masks under your eyes. 

Why Do Dark Circles Form Under The Eyes?

There are many reasons for dark circles under your eyes. 

  1. Older women.
  2. People with non-white ethnicity. (They naturally produce hyperpigmentation in the skin, which is the chemical compound that causes dark circles to form in the first place.)
  3. People with a genetic predisposition suffer from dark circles. 

Other than these three reasons, some habits can lead to dark circles. Did you know that people get dark circles under their eyes most of the time because of fatigue?

Fatigue can be triggered by various reasons, starting from oversleeping, undersleeping, or the slightest change in your regular bedtime. 

If you have been depriving your body of sleep, you should stop doing it today. Sleep is essential for good health. If you suffer from sleep deprivation, you risk developing black blood vessels and dark tissues under your skin. 

Another reason for dark circles under the eyes is allergies. When the human body gets exposed to bacteria, it releases histamines. This chemical compound helps your body fight against bacteria. 

However, one big drawback of Histamine is it also makes the blood vessels in your body dilute. As a result, the blood vessels might enlarge and become more visible. 

Coffee And Honey

If you are reluctant to use makeup on your face, you should try a face mask of Coffee and Honey. Thanks to the bleaching properties present in coffee, it will help lighten up the discoloration under your eyes. On the other hand, honey will moisturize your eyes. 

Make a face pack using honey and coffee, take one tablespoon of coffee ground and honey. You can also add some vitamin e oil to this mixture. After you are done adding the ingredients together, take a spoon and blend them properly. 

Use your fingers to apply the Coffee and Honey paste under your eyes. Leave it for 15 minutes to dry. Once you feel the paste start cracking, wash it off. 

Coffee And Avocado Oil

Avocado is a tasty fruit. If you want a wholesome breakfast in the morning, add one Avocado to your morning meal. But did you know along with being full of vitamins, Avocado is also good for the skin? A Coffee & Avocado Oil pack will keep your face fresh. It will make the skin glow. 

Avocado Oil will nourish the skin under your eye. On the other hand, the coffee will take care of the dryness and black spots under your eyes. 

The coffee and Avocado Oil face pack recipe uses three ingredients – ground coffee, almond oil, and avocado oil.

Start by taking half a tablespoon of finely ground coffee, and adding one tablespoon of almond oil to it. Put the mixture to sit for a day or two before you add the avocado oil. Never add too much Avocado oil; one tbsp is enough for this face pack. 

Coffee And Coconut Oil

The benefit of using a face pack of Coffee and Coconut Oil is, it will smoothen out your skin and add a glow to it. 

The recipe for the Coffee and Coconut Oil Face pack is simple. Take one tablespoon of coffee ground and one tablespoon of coconut oil. Mix them, and let them sit for an entire day. After that, take one tbsp of Coconut Oil, and add them to the mixture. 


Before we conclude, here are a few tips for you. Most of us have to use a laptop for work purposes in the modern world or for our studies. But did you know staring at the laptop screen can put significant strain on the muscles around your eye? This strain can also happen when you continue staring at a mobile screen for too long. 

Staring at any digital screen can make the blood vessels around the eyes enlarge, thus causing dark circles under your eyes. 

It is advised that you limit the time you stare at your mobile/laptop screen every day. If you have no other option, then take intermittent breaks in between your work. Get up from your chair, and walk around before continuing with your work. 

And try to get some exercise. Go out in the morning for a walk, and stare at the green vegetation around you. Go to the rooftop, or in an open place in the afternoon, and stare at the blue sky.