The Best Places To Get Coffee – Baltimore, Maryland

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Our never-ending love for coffee is not going to wane very soon. According to a report by the National Coffee Association (NCA), the consumption of coffee at shops has increased by 46% in the last few years. 

If you are a coffee lover and plan to visit Baltimore very soon, this article will help you pick from the best coffee shops around that area. 

This article will not bore you with locations of already established coffee shops such as Starbucks and Folgers. Instead, this article will list down some local coffee shops that serve the best coffee in town. 

Many coffee shops around Baltimore will serve you the best cup of joe you ever had in your life. But if you are a tourist and want to dive right into the art of coffee brewing, you will find many such coffee shops that allow people to taste coffee of varying acidity and aftertaste. It is kind of like wine tasting, but instead of sipping on wine, you will be sipping on finely brewed coffee. 

Coffee Guide to Baltimore


2601 N. Howard St., 410-235-5004

The Charmington is one of the popular choices for on-the-go grind coffee. It is based around the Remington area in Baltimore. They have coffee beverages that range from matcha to honey-cardamom lattes. Do you know why this coffee place is so popular? 

It wasn’t popular among the locals and tourists until the year 2015 when former President of the United States of America Barack Obama stopped by for a quick fix. When you visit this coffee shop, you will see a chair at the very front of the store labeled “President Obama Sat Here”. 

The Bun Shop

239 W. Read St., 410-989-2033

The Bun Shop is a popular study spot for students and young professionals. It offers both food and beverage items to its customers. Currently, it operates in two cities and is planning to open a third outlet in Towson soon. 

Along with the regular favorites such as lattes, cappuccinos, and mocha, The Bun Shop also has some unique beverages to offer. For example, the honey macchiato and the traditional Chinese yuan yang, 

3 Bean Coffee

209 Key Hwy., 410-575-4032

If you like sipping on your coffee with some light snacks, then the 3 Bean Coffee is the perfect place for you. It is located around the Federal Hill area in Baltimore. Along with different coffee beverages (lavender and honey graham lattes), they also serve Stone Mill pastries, Delicious pies, and other Kinderhook snacks. 

Bird in Hand

11 E. 33rd St., 410-243-0757

The Bird in Hand is the spot for John Hopkins University. It started its journey only two years ago, but since then, it has grown in popularity among the locals. It is a collaborative venture by Woodberry Kitchen and The Ivy Bookshop. It is mostly famous for its pastry collection and different craft coffees.

Taps Fill Station

520 Park Ave., 484-998-8277

The Taps Fill Station is located inside the Mt. Vernon Marketplace. A sight for sore eyes, you will find 30 different taps that pour different sorts of beverages, starting from olive oil, wine, cold brew coffee, and many more. 

OneDo Coffee Roasters

913 S. Lakewood Ave., 410-814-0242

The OneDo Coffee Roasters was started by two locals Gloria Hwang and James Park, back in 2018. Their specialty is house roasts, seasonal specialties, and signature teas. Their bestselling beverage is undoubtedly Cortado with whole milk. 

Pitango Bakery and Café

903 S. Ann St., 443-676-6447

If you have been to Pitango Gelato, a popular dessert place, you must have heard about the Pitango Bakery and Café too. Along with freshly brewed coffee, you will find freshly baked loaves of bread and sandwiches here. 

Order & Chaos

1410 Key Highway, 410-244-1111

This coffee shop sits right around different corporate offices on Key Highway in South Baltimore. It has a separate study area where you can sit for as long as you want. Furthermore, to help students and learners with their studies, this coffee shop has many whiteboards and communal tables. 

Avely Farm Coffee Roasters

1400 Aliceanna St,

The Avely Farm Coffee Roasters is situated on the harbor’s east side of Baltimore. Anyone interested in how coffee ends up in their cup must pay a visit to this shop. They serve both globally appraised blends as well as some local favorites. 

Sophomore Coffee

2223 Maryland Ave

The Sophomore Coffee shares a dining space with Fadensonnen and Larder in Old Goucher. They have a seasonal program in partnership with Brooklyn, New York-based coffee franchise Coffee Roasters. They offer flash brew, espresso, and house-drip options. 


 We hope your visit to Baltimore will be pleasant and if you recently moved to Baltimore, now you know where you take your next date or even hang out with your University buddies. Do leave a comment below if you think we have left out some shops that should have been on this list. Thanks for reading, now go get another cup of coffee!