The Best Places To Get Coffee | Madrid, Spain

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The third wave coffee revolution started at the start of this decade. However, Madrid was late to the party. Despite having a slow start, currently, there are coffee shops at every corner of Madrid. 

Madrid now has a fresh supply of premium quality beans. Single-origin beans from as far as Ethiopia are now readily available in Madrid. Moreover, to ensure a fresh cup of joe every day, they have their roasteries. 

List Of The Best Coffee Shops In Madrid

Café de la Luz (Calle de la Puebla, 8, 28004 Madrid)

The Café de la Luz has a beautiful interior. Starting from disorganized furniture, white brick walls, bookshelves full of books, and whirring ceiling fans, you will get an eccentric feel when you step inside this store. 

This coffee shop serves some premium quality coffee beverages, but that comes at an affordable price. No matter if you order a sandwich, a cappuccino, or a salad, it will not cost you more than €7. The staff is friendly, which is a plus. 

Toma Café (C/ Palma 49, +34 917 049 344)

Toma Café currently has multiple outlets. Their first shop opened back in 2011. It is popular among locals and students around the city because it lets them sit with their favorite books and laptops for hours. If you are a tourist, do not worry! The staff here can speak and understand English pretty well. 

When you visit this coffee shop, you will find hipsters, international students, couples, and ex-pats. People keep revisiting this place for their specialty coffee. You will also find a diverse variety of local wine, fruit-topped chia bowls, and many more delicious dishes, along with coffee beverages. 

HanSo Café (Calle del Pez, 20, 28004 Madrid)

If you like bagel sandwiches, you must pay a visit to this coffee shop. When you visit this coffee shop, you will come across many creative people, starting from musicians, writers, and artists. This coffee shop collects single-origin coffee beans, roasts them to minimally fruity and tart perfection. 

People love this café because it was the first-ever coffee shop in Madrid to offer cold brews. Along with coffee, you can try their Belgian waffles with fruit toppings. 

Santa Kafeine (Calle de Viriato, 37, 28010 Madrid)

Santa Kafeine is a hangout spot for the afternoon. The sunny and plant-filled ambiance will make you forget all your stress. If you love your Cappuccino with double espresso shots, you must pay a visit to this place. This store has Chemex, Cold Drip brewing technology, and Aeropress

Santa Kafeine gets its supply of fresh coffee beans from either Africa or Latin America. If you have diabetes, you can indulge in their low-sugar cookies and cakes. 

Lolina Vintage Café (Calle del Espíritu Santo, 9, 28004 Madrid)

This café is pretty quiet. There is neither live music nor stereo. You can sit here and enjoy reading your favorite book or an interesting article. During the morning hours, you will find various professionals sharing notes, working on a project, or attending conference calls. 

But as the day goes on, you will find more and more people sitting with a cocktail. Their mojitos are the best. If you are craving some food, you can go there and have delicious pastries, a slice of red velvet cake, hummus with avocado paste, homemade muesli, Catalan sausage, and many more. 

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Plántate Café (Calle del Mesón de Paredes, 28, 28012 Madrid)

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Many tourists to Madrid find it hard to order food as most shop owners and staff do not speak English. But Plántate Café is not like that. At the counter, you will find baristas who are skilled at speaking in English and serve the best cappuccinos, macchiatos, and other coffee beverages. You will find more ex-pats than locals at this bar. 

To ensure fresh brews, the Plántate Café sources its coffee roasts from either Puchero or Square Mile. You can get espresso, pour-over, as well as classic filter coffee. 

Federal Café (Pl. de las Comendadoras 9, 28015 Madrid)

Federal is not a place in Madrid. Instead, it’s a small town between Possum Creek and Goonengerry in Northern New South Wales, Australia. Unlike other coffee shops in Madrid, Federal Café is a spacious café with a generous seating capacity. This coffee shop has also been dubbed as the most popular co-working space in all of Madrid. 

You will find creatives working on their next project, locals out on a walk with their pets, and large groups of youngsters casually hanging out. This café is particularly popular with Americans and Brits as it serves popular brunch items such as Benedict, shakshuka, or toasted crumpets with honey.


La Bicicleta Café (Plaza de San Ildefonso, 9, 28004 Madrid)


The La Bicicleta Café is not only a coffee shop. You can get various coffee beverages, as well as different cocktails and beer. When you visit this coffee shop, you will find many young professionals working on their laptops.

If you visit this shop during the morning hours, you have to try their Pan con Tomate. This morning breakfast is served with toasted sourdough with freshly grated tomato and olive oil. You will also find other popular dishes such as Niçoise, Spanish omelet slices, 

 The Verdict

Now you know about the best coffee shops in Madrid. Do let us know if we have missed a coffee shop that should have made it to this list. Leave a comment below, and we will get back to you.