The Best Places To Get Coffee | Newcastle, UK

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Visiting a new place and not being able to find a coffee shop to hangout can be a nightmare to many. We all need a place where we can go, sit, and watch the world pass by. After a tiring day at work, sitting at a bar and sipping on specialty coffee might be your way of releasing stress.  If you are one of these people and live in New Castle, this article is for you. It has a curated list of coffee shops around Newcastle that serve coffee beverages, as well as light snacks. You can also visit these places for breakfast, lunch, as well as dinner. 

For those who have been to New Castle, it is a city of nightlife. There are many sightseeing spots such as its many bridges. People also love its brown ale. However, there are many Coffee Shops around the New Castle area too. Some of them offer specialty coffee, and the rest provide light snacks also. Along with great cafes, there are many famous coffee roasteries around the area. 

Best Coffee Shops in New Castle UK

The below list contains the names of the most popular coffee shops in New Castle. 

BLK (214 Chillingham Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne)

The BLK is situated in the heart of Heaton. This area is popular with students and families alike, and there are many coffee shops to choose from. Despite having a small store, this coffee shop is almost always overcrowded. 

In the BLK, you will have no shortage of coffee varieties. Coffee beans are sourced from Costa Rica and Ethiopia and are brewed using the Kalita or Aeropress method, depending on what the customer is looking for.

Flat Caps Coffee (9-11 Carliol Square, Newcastle upon Tyne)

If you love specialty coffee, then you have to visit the Flat Caps Coffee. This place remains packed with tourists and locals alike till midnight. So, if you want to relax after a hectic day, visit the Flat Caps Coffee after midnight. 

Flat Caps Coffee was the very first shop to introduce specialty coffee to the city. If you are lucky, you might even get a chance to taste specialty coffee flown from Canada. Due to high demand and excessive crowd, the Flat Caps Coffee recently extended their opening hours and opened a second outlet in Carliol Square.

Camber Coffee (33-35 Market St, Newcastle upon Tyne)

The Camber Coffee sits alongside many fitness gears and sports equipment shops. They have a friendly staff, and its interior is embellished with books, plants. It has generous seating for large groups and solo tourists alike. 

Camber Coffee offers everything you would expect from a coffee shop, starting from Espresso-based drinks to specialty coffee. Along with coffee, you will also find many delicious vegetarian dishes at this stop. 

Pink Lane Coffee (1 Pink Ln, Newcastle upon Tyne)

If you take the train to Newcastle, right after you get off it on the Central Station, you will be greeted with the warmth of the Pink Lane and its various shops. The Pink Lane Coffee started its journey back in 2012. They brew coffee from freshly roasted beans from their roastery. 

The coffee shop’s interior is soothing, with a grey and white tiled counter at the front. This particular coffee shop is most popular with young professionals and students, who can sit here and work on their computer for as long as they want. There is enough sitting accommodation, so you do not have to worry about not having an empty table. 

Ouseburn Coffee Co (Unit 25, Albion Row, Newcastle upon Tyne)

The Ouseburn Coffee Co was one of the very first coffee shops in this area. They started their journey back in 2012. That same year, they created an outlet on Tynemouth Station Market. 

They are famous for their Foundry blend. They also have many seasonal blends of their own. To support woman farmers, the shop has very recently initiated a program that buys single-origin coffee from them. They also purchase some micro-lots from emerging Chinese and southeast Asian regions. 

Tynemouth Coffee Company (Back Prudhoe Street, North Shields)

The Tynemouth Coffee Company takes pride in serving only freshly roasted coffee. They source each bag of coffee beans ethically, which are roasted in small batches for use for the next day. 

Currently, they have eight different blends of coffee that include coffee from Colombia, South America, and Brazil.  

Harvest (91, St. George’s Terrace, Jesmond)

Harvest is a coffee shop under the Ouseburn Coffee Co’s ownership, a prominent coffee roaster in the area. No matter when you visit this shop, chances are it will be packed. They serve seasonally inspired breakfast and brunch. 

If you go there in the morning, do not forget to try their poached eggs and avocado breakfast. From time to time, they host many seasonal events such as the morning pop-up bakeries. 

If you are around the area on any Friday, do not miss out on their special social schedule. On that particular day, you will find Pizzas, Korean Street Food, and of course, OCC coffee beverages. 

The Conclusion

We hope you now have a hangout spot in New Castle. The above list contains coffee shops that serve specialty coffee, vegetarian food and offer generous space for group hangouts. Do let us know if we have missed out on any coffee shop that should have made its way on this list.