A Coffee Drinker’s Guide To Ontario, Ottawa

Ontario, the most densely populated province in Canada, is undoubtedly a coffee lover’s heaven. There are thousands of coffee shops throughout the street of Ontario.  Ontario is virtually divided into two segments- the North and the South. Most of its inhabitants and arable land are on the southern part. Whereas the northern part is mostly covered in snow. 

Ottawa is one of the liveliest cities in Ontario, which is also the capital city of Canada. It sits right on the south bank of the Ottawa River on the Southern portion of southern Ontario.  This is why most areas on the southern part are always bustling with life. You will find many coffee shops that are almost always overcrowded.  If you are a student living around Ottawa, or a tourist on vacation, here is our pick for the best coffee shops around the area.

List Of The Best Coffee Shops In Ontario 

Crave Coffee House & Bakery

The Crave coffee house & bakery is located in the heart of Kingston, downtown. Tourists, as well as local students, can come here and enjoy a delicious cup of joe. Along with coffee, you will also find baked treats, sandwiches, and salad items. 

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The Stomping Grounds Bistro and Cafe

The Stomping Grounds Bistro and Café is not only a coffee spot. They have a well-crafted menu for breakfast, brunch, and dinner. They alter their menu depending on the year’s season and what food items are available to them. 

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Northside Cafe

The Northside Café will give you the vibe of the coffee culture in Melbourne, Australia. Not only for coffee, but this shop is also popular for breakfast and brunch menu as well. They have a friendly atmosphere with delicious food.

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 Kingston Coffee House

The Kingston Coffee House is popular for its Americanos and Lattes. Some people have also said that this coffee shop is the best hangout spot around this area.

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Morning Owl Coffeehouse

The Morning Owl Coffeehouse emphasizes quality. They organize various coffee tasting events to taste coffee from a different origin and different roasting recipes. If you order a latte, you will find a foam-painted animal on top of it. 

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Just right outside of the City Hall in Market Square, you will find another popular coffee shop-Sipps. This is a cozy shop with enough sitting area for large groups. They offer specialty coffee, hot chocolate, and other snacks. 

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Miss Lily’s Cafe

If you are an avid reader or like sipping o your coffee while reading a book, Miss Lily’s Café is the perfect place for you. They share the entrance with Books & Company. Whether you are craving for a cup of cappuccino, tea, butter tart, or a blueberry fritter, the Miss Lily’s Café has it all. 

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Red Door Provisions

The Red Door Provisions is located in Beechwood Village. If you want coffee on the go, you can place your order online and collect it on your way to the office. You can walk right into the café and provide the baristas with your order number and name. Or else, if you want someone to bring out your order while you sit outside, you can call at 613-695-6804, and your order will be delivered to your car. 

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Union Street Kitchen Café

You will find the Union Street Kitchen Café right on the east side of Rideau Hall. There are many comfortable and cozy seats as well as a big collection of homemade desserts. If you are into yoga, you should visit this coffee shop as it has a dedicated yoga studio right at its back. 

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Café Marius

The Café Marius is situated near the Marius Provence. It is close to the Canadian Museum of History in Hull, Marius Provence. They take pride in their artisanal coffee roasting process. They believe this is the only way to obtain an aromatic pallet of coffee. Their slow and individual roasting releases all the essence of each of the aromas.

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Anyone who has seen coffee roasting and blending knows that coming up with the perfect coffee recipe depends on the right balance. Café Marius tastes the blends until they obtain the perfect proportion. 

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Are you a local in Ottawa? Do let us know if we have missed out on any popular coffee shop that we should have included in this article. Leave a comment below, and we will get back to you.