Drift Away Coffee Subscription Review

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DriftAway Coffee Subscription works in a very different way than other coffee subscriptions work.  Every new subscriber of DriftAway coffee gets a kit consisting of four different single-origin coffee varieties each with a different taste profile. 

Overview Of DriftAway

The first variety on the kit is Fruity Light Roast. It is made from beans from different East African countries such as Ethiopia and Kenya. These beans have a Fruity profile. This variety has three different taste profiles- fruity (Citrus and Stone Fruit), floral (Jasmine, Chamomile), and sweet (Sugar, Honey). 

The second variety on the kit is named Classic Medium Roast. This blend resembles the traditional medium roast that most coffee consumers prefer. Medium roast is the standard for any global coffee chain. This coffee blend subscription is made using coffee from different Central and South American countries such as Costa Rica and Brazil. This blend has a dominant taste profile of chocolates (cocoa nibs and dark chocolate), nuts (roasted almonds, nuts), and sweets (brown sugar, toffee).

The third variety in the Explorer Kit is Balanced – Light-Medium Roast. This blend retains the roast flavors as well as the original flavor notes. This blend has the greatest flavor variety among all in the kit. 

The coffee beans for this coffee blend subscription are procured from heaven for classic coffee- Guatemala. Thanks to the high altitudes of coffee farms in this country, the final harvest has a rich and complex flavor. This blend has flavor notes of sweet (toffee, vanilla), citrus (lemon, grapefruit), and chocolate (caramel, milk, chocolate).

The last variety in the kit comes includes BOLD – Medium-Dark Roast. Thanks to the bold roast, the final coffee blend subscription has a rich and clean flavor profile. The secret recipe for this blend is not following the standard recipe for Dark Roast. This roasting technique ensures the final result consists of the original characteristics, with a bold and robust flavor. 

This blend is made from coffee beans sourced from Uganda, Papua New Guinea, and Peru. This blend’s taste profiles include sweet (maple syrup, caramel) and chocolate (cocoa and dark chocolate).

Farmer Feedback Program

Driftaway coffee features a Farmer Feedback Program, where you are able to share your thoughts and feedback with the farmers that grew the coffee you’re drinking. This program helps the farmers understand what people think of the coffee they produce. Learn more about the Farmer Feedback Program.

Sustainable Packaging

Every part of the packaging from DriftAway coffee is compostable. This includes the coffee pouch, coffee label, mailer, and corrugated box. When possible, they use mailers over boxes. When boxes are needed, they use form-fitting boxes, reducing the need for extra packaging materials. Learn more about Sustainable Packaging

Coffee Stories

These stories give a look behind the scenes of each coffee DriftAway chooses, it also shares the stories of the growers and the coffee roasters. Learn more about Coffee Stories.

How The DriftAway Coffee Subscription Works

The DriftAway Coffee Subscription works in the following manner. In the first step, you will start with a Coffee Explorer Kit consisting of all the coffee profiles offered by DriftAway. All the coffee explorer kits start with four different coffee profiles. You can brew them all at a time to differentiate among the taste. If you are just starting with coffee brewing, you can join them and go Live on Instagram on Saturdays at 11 am ET. 

Once you have the four different brews in your hand, you are all set to prepare their taste profiles. To do so, first log into your account. Under each of the brew profiles, you will find two options-like or dislike. Furthermore, you can share all your observations in this step.

After you have finalized your preferred coffee profile, you are all set. Your coffee kit will be delivered to you every month.  DriftAway coffee will rotate among all the available options with the same taste profile to surprise your taste buds. This way, you can proactively discover new coffee profiles and new farmers from all around the world.

To help DriftAway coffee enhance its service, you can rate each delivery and review them in your account. From there, you will have a complete picture of the different types of coffee that match your profile and have details about their origin.

Why Choose DriftAway?

With a DriftAway coffee subscription, you will never run out of coffee supply at home. You can customize your subscription based on the various size and reorder frequencies. Once you have given these details, you are good to go. Coffee packs from DriftAway will be sent to your mailbox at the right time, every time.

Along with ensuring the highest quality of coffee, DriftAway also emphasizes providing a sustainable environment for the farmers. All the farmers that DriftAway works with are small-scale household-level farmers. To help them out, DriftAway recently launched a Sustainability Program. 

DriftAway currently has a good collection of premium quality coffee. But they add more varieties to their existing collection each month. This way, DriftAway subscribers avoid the chance of getting bored with the same variety of coffee for a prolonged period.  Remember that with DriftAway, you will always have access to new coffee varieties from different origins.

To ensure the highest quality and freshness, DriftAway roasts every batch of coffee every Sunday. Once the roasting is done, the coffee packs are shipped without any delays. All DriftAway coffee pack is traceable to a single-origin coffee. 

DriftAway Pricing

The pricing for a DriftAway Coffee Subscription varies depending on what options you choose. The chart below shows the pricing depending on what options you choose. These options include bag size (8oz, 12oz, 1lb, & 2lb) how often you receive a bag (weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly), and how often you pay for your shipment ( Per shipment, 6 months in advance, and 12 months in advance). You receive a 5% discount when you pay 6 months in advance and 10% when you pay 12 months in advance.

8 oz12oz1lb2lb
Per Shipment$16.00$19.00$24.00$36.00
6 Months$361.60$427.15$556.40$818.60
12 Months$688.80$815.70$1047.20$1554.80
Every 2 Weeks
Per Shipment$16.00$19.00$24.00$36.00
6 Months$179.20$210.55$282.80$408.20
12 Months$343.20$405.30$528.80$777.20
Per Shipment$16.00$19.00$24.00$36.00
6 Months$88.00$102.25$146.00$203.00
12 Months$170.40$200.10$269.60$388.40

No matter which coffee subscription you choose, they all start with a Tasting Kit. The Tasting Kit includes four bags (1 oz) of DriftAway’s most popular blends. You can order the Explorer Kit in Whole Beans, Ground Coffee, or Whole Bean with a Mystery Kit.

After you have made up your mind about which variety you will go with, you have to pick the order frequency and size. The average price for a 12oz bag, ideal for 24 cups of coffee, will cost you $19 per shipment monthly when you pay per shipment, if you pay for 12 months the price drops to $16.68 per shipment. On the other hand, if you pick a 1-pound bag ideal for brewing 32 cups of coffee, it will cost you on average $24 per shipment monthly or $22.47 per shipment you pay for 12 months at once. 

What Are Virtual Tasting Parties?

Driftaway Coffee is trying to make the experience of drinking specialty coffees more immersive. They’re doing this with virtual tasting parties, where you can choose between a live public or private event based on your mood and who you want company from when sampling different brews.

What is a Live Public Tasting

All you need for the live public tasting is an Explorer Kit and join Driftaway coffee live on Instagram every week. The live tastings are led by James McCarthy (2013 World Brewer’s Champion). James will

What are Private Tasting Parties

A Private Tasting allows you to invite friends and family to a virtual tasting with James. How it works is, you pick a date and time, and DriftAway will send everyone in your group a virtual tasting kit. At your scheduled time, James will guide you through the coffee-tasting experience via Zoom.


Along with getting DriftAway Coffee Subscription for your use, you can also get a Gift Subscription for your friends. You can get Single bags of coffee as a gift or invite your friend to a virtual tasting party. Leave a comment below if you have any further questions about DriftAway Coffee Subscription.