8 Ways To Improve Your Coffee Drinking Experience

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According to a report, 80% of all Americans drink coffee every day. Moreover, another research1 says the elderly aged above 55 years old drink at least one cup of coffee every day.

One cup of coffee can rejuvenate the body after a tiring day at work. People might also rely on coffee for a morning energy boost without seeing any side effects for long periods.

The problems start to manifest when we cross the healthy limit of daily coffee intake. As long as we have coffee in moderation, we will see many health benefits.

These benefits can range from lower depression and anxiety attacks to a reduced risk of Parkinson’s disease and type 2 diabetes.

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Why Should You Drink Coffee in Moderation?

On average, a healthy adult can drink 2-4 cups of coffee a day2.

If they go above the limit, this will have severe effects on the body. We know that caffeine connects with the brain’s Adenosis receptors and tricks it into thinking that the body is not tired.

Excessive caffeine consumption can overstimulate the brain and lead to insomnia, digestion problems, and jitters. 

The harmful effects of caffeine on health also depend on the age of the consumer. Young people can quickly metabolize caffeine in their bodies. If some are intolerant to caffeine, they might take a longer time. But when it comes to the elderly, they require 33% more time to process caffeine than young people.  

So if they drink one coffee in the evening, they will still have their effects on the brain at midnight, thus causing them to lose sleep. 

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8 Best Practices of Drinking Coffee

This article will show you what the best practices for drinking coffee are. We know that it must be hard for you to quit coffee, and we are not asking you to do that. We are just outlaying the best practices of drinking coffee. After you complete this article, you will know how much caffeine you should have daily and when to take them.

1. Add Cinnamon to your coffee.

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Cinnamon is an exotic spice that fuses well with the taste of the coffee. In the Arab world, cinnamon is used with tea as well.

This valued spice has anti-inflammatory properties, and it is rich in antioxidants, reducing the body’s blood sugar levels. Both cinnamon, Cassia, and Ceylon offer the same benefits and act as healthy coffee add-ons. But the Affiliate LinkCassia cinnamon variant is more publicly available and is less costly. 

2. Drink Coffee in Moderation.

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Nothing in excess is good for your health. According to Canadian research, you should drink 1.1 mg per pound (2.5 mg per kg) of your body weight. For anyone who weighs 176 pounds (80 kg), two cups of coffee per day is the ideal consumption limit, given that each average cup of coffee contains 95 mg of caffeine. 

3. Avoid having Sugar with your coffee.

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We drink sugar directly with coffee. For parents and office workers, coffee might be the topmost source of their daily sugar intake. 

Excessive coffee consumption has its side effects. On top of that, we are taking several spoons fulls of sugar with every coffee cup. Sugar is undoubtedly an addictive food ingredient.

When we eat something sweet, our brain releases dopamine. This hormone makes us feel happy. When the sugar rush dies down, the brain tells the human body to consume more sugar. 

Sugar has fructose, which can be attributed to many severe health issues in humans. Starting from diabetes or heart disease, sugar is behind many lethal illnesses. 

If you like your coffee with sugar, you can try two things. First, you can switch from regular sugar to a natural sweetener. Or you can reduce the caffeine content with every cup, this will reduce the bitter taste, and you can drink your coffee without needing sugar. These practices will help you with making coffee healthy. 

4. Avoid Non-Dairy Coffee Creamers.

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The commercial creamers on the market use any artificial ingredients. Moreover, the non-dairy coffee creamers rely on chemicals to give you the dairy taste you were looking for. 

Instead of using non-dairy creamers, which are often cheap, resort to dairy products as coffee add-ons. They are rich in calcium, and they help with halting the bone fractures in the human body. Furthermore, milk from a grass-fed cow is rich in Vitamin-K. 

5. Don’t Drink Coffee After Lunch.

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Do you go to bed early? If you do, the effects of your afternoon coffee can make you lose sleep. Caffeine is the number one source of caffeine for us humans. Other drinks, such as tea, do not have the same amount of caffeine as coffee does. 

The high caffeine content in coffee can prolong the time required to process it. So, if you hit the bed, and your body is yet to metabolize your last cup of coffee completely, you will find it hard to fall asleep. 

This trouble sleeping is because the caffeine is still connected to the Adenosis receptors inside your brain. Until the caffeine is entirely out of your brain, your neural system continues to think that you are not tired. 

It is a good practice to avoid coffee late in the day. If you must have a cup and cannot win over the cravings, try Affiliate LinkDecaf coffee or a cup of tea instead.

6. Use a Paper Filter While Brewing Your Coffee.

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Do you like to brew your cup of coffee from time to time? It is a rewarding hobby. But from next time, try to use Affiliate Linkpaper filters while brewing a cup of coffee. The paper filters will absorb the cafestol in the coffee grounds, which raises the cholesterol levels in the human body. These practices help with making coffee healthy.

 7. Pick A Coffee Brand That Suits Your tastes.

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You will find hundreds of different varieties of coffee beans on the market. They differ in taste, how they are grown, and how they are processed. 

When buying coffee ground for you next time, try to stick to an organic brand. Just like any other crop, farmers use pesticides to grow coffee. 

And it is no surprise that if the pesticides find their way to your stomach, they will have adverse effects. So it is best to stick to Affiliate LinkOrganic Coffee brands.

8. Add Cocoa To Your Coffee.

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Just like cinnamon, cocoa adds a distinct flavor to your coffee. It includes many antioxidant properties and helps reduce the risk of various heart diseases. A teaspoon of Affiliate Linkcocoa powder is enough to add rich flavor to your coffee.


Drinking coffee in moderation might be the obvious best practice. But we hope this blog highlighted some other good practices of coffee drinking too. For instance, now you know about the health benefits of adding cocoa or cinnamon to your coffee. 


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