Grounds & Hounds Coffee Subscription Review

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Every Cup helps a Pup is the tagline of Grounds & Hounds coffee. This is an excellent initiative by Grounds & Hounds. But they have not grown a large loyal user base on this business proposition only. Grounds & Hounds Coffee subscription offers some of the best coffee blends out there. Along with that, they also have a flexible coffee subscription. 

In this series of blogs, where we look at the best coffee subscription packs out there. In this article, we are looking at Grounds & Hounds. We will first look at what they have to offer, and then we will see their pricing. 

Overview of Grounds & Hounds

Unlike other coffee roasters, you can rely on Grounds & Hound’s suggested coffee rotation. Moreover, if you want to alter your coffee subscription, you can do it from your account on the website. After logging into your account, navigate to the Manage Subscriptions link under your name. 

To swap a certain coffee with a new product, click on the Manage link. From the drop-down menu that appears, click on the Swap Product option. From there you can alter any pre-selected coffee with a new one. 

Grounds & Hounds Coffee offers both Personal and Gift subscriptions. You can pick from Three, Six, or Twelve-Month Gift Subscriptions. You can also pick from either prepaid or pay-later options. For both the Personal, and Gift coffee subscriptions, you can select from Single Serve pods, Whole beans, or ground coffee. 

Some of the notable coffee blends from Grounds & Hounds include Roaster’s Select, where the best coffee every season is shipped to your address. Then you have the Morning Walk Breakfast Blend, which comes with medium-light roast coffee, with a full-body, and smooth finish. 

Other popular blends include Paper & Slippers (Medium Roast Blend with Hints of Fresh Baked Brownie and Toasted Pecan), Alpha Blend (Rich and Smooth Dark Roast with Eye Opening Notes of Cocoa, Vanilla, and Graham Cracker), Rescue Roast (Full-bodied, beautifully balanced, a satin-smooth medium roast blend with notes of caramel and dark chocolate)

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Subscriptions

There are only four steps to Grounds & Hounds coffee Subscription. In the first step, you will be asked to select your style of coffee. In the second step, you will be asked to pick a brew type. In the next step, you will be asked about how often you consume coffee, and what is the quantity of coffee per consumption. And this is it, you are now all set to receive your Grounds & Hounds Coffee subscription right on your doorstep.

In a scenario where you are running out of coffee supply before your next subscription comes in, you can decrease the shipment interval, or increase the quantity of bags per delivery. To adjust your subscription, first log into your account on the Grounds & Hounds website. 

From there click on the Manage Subscriptions option right under your account name. If you want to adjust the delivery frequency, click on the current frequency that is displayed on the screen. This will trigger a delivery interval popup on your screen. To adjust the delivery quantity, from the Manage tab, navigate to Product (Qty). 

Why Choose Grounds & Hounds?

Grounds & Hounds have a special agenda behind their business goals. This coffee shop aims to give every pup a second chance at life. A certain portion of Grounds & Hound’s monthly revenue goes into supporting rescue initiatives, and different organizations that help pups in need.

Apart from that, Grounds & Hounds emphasizes sourcing 100% Arabica coffee, which is specialty grade. These coffee lots are seasonally procured from top coffee-growing nations around the world. 

To ensure a perfect brew every time, Grounds & Hounds roasts only a small batch of coffee every time. There are four different quantities for shipment. You have 1 Bag (12 oz), 2 bags (24 oz), 3 bags (36 Oz), or 4 bags (48 Oz) shipment options to choose from.

Grounds & Hounds Pricing

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Subscription starts at $13.99. On top of that, you only need to pay a small sum of $2 for shipping. With Grounds & Hounds, you can enjoy subscriptions to whole beans, single, or ground coffee pods at a discount price. 

If you have plans about going on a vacation, you can easily pause the Grounds & Hounds subscription. Visit the Grounds & Hounds website, and log into your account. From there click on the Manage Subscriptions option under your name. 

To pause, or cancel a delivery, click on the Manage option; it will trigger a drop-down menu to appear on your screen. Click on the Upcoming Orders tab, and then click Skip Shipment. 

Grounds & Hounds coffee offers subscriptions at three different intervals. The 3 Months interval will cost you $16.99 per bag. The 6 Months interval subscription comes at $16.00 per bag. And lastly, the 12 Months subscription comes at $15.50 per bag. 

The Verdict

We have already mentioned above that Grounds & Hounds coffee aims to donate a certain portion of its monthly revenue to help pups in need. That being said, did you know Grounds & Hounds also offers hot chocolate? Starting from Espresso Infused Caramels ($12.99), Hot Cocoa ($12.75), to Sit & Stay Espresso Chocolate Bar ($12.99), you have a wide selection to choose from. 

Do leave a comment below and share with us why you like or dislike the Grounds & Hounds coffee. If you want us to cover any specific coffee subscription in the future, let us know about that too.