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How Much Coffee Per Cup Do You Need?

The amount of coffee that you use in your cup of Joe can vary depending on who you are and how strong you like it. The rule of thumb is to put 2 tablespoons for every two ounces of water, but this may not be the best for everyone. If you have never made a cup before, or if this is your first time reading about how much coffee to use, then don’t worry! This blog post will teach you all about how much coffee should go in your next cup.

How Much Coffee Should You Put In Your Coffee Maker?

Making one cup of coffee in the morning? Let’s make it simple. Using a single-serve coffee maker pour 6 fluid ounces of water into your reservoir, and then put a scoop (or two tablespoons) of ground coffee into the filter-basket, this will make one delicious cup!

How much coffee do you use for a full 12 cup coffee maker?

The amount of water and coffee goes up the more cups you make. So for a 12 cup coffee maker, you would need 72 oz of water and 48 Table Spoons (or 1 Cup) of coffee.

Water / Coffee Ratio Chart

Coffee Water Ratio Chart Coffee Logik Image
Amount Of WaterAmount Of Coffee
1 Cup / 6 oz2 Table Spoons Of Ground Coffee
2 Cups / 12 oz4 Table Spoons or 1/4 Cup Of Ground Coffee
3 Cups / 18 oz6 Table Spoons Of Ground Coffee
4 Cups / 24 oz8 Table Spoons or 1/2 Cup Of Ground Coffee
5 Cups / 30 oz10 Table Spoons Of Ground Coffee
6 Cups / 36 oz12 Table Spoons or 3/4 Cup Of Ground Coffee
7 Cups / 42 oz14 Table Spoons Of Ground Coffee
8 Cups / 48 oz16 Table Spoons Or 1 Cup Of Ground Coffee
9 Cups / 54 oz18 Table Spoons Of Ground Coffee
10 Cups / 60 oz20 Table Spoons Or 1 1/4 Cup Of Ground Coffee
11 Cups / 66 oz22 Table Spoons Of Ground Coffee
12 Cups / 72 oz24 Table Spoons Or 1 1/2 Cup Of Ground Coffee

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