How to Brew Affogato Coffee at Home

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There are hundreds of coffee drinks in the market that are served either frozen, blended or ice on top. Almost all of these beverages use syrup, sugar, or other different flavors to deliver a creamy beverage that tastes like silk. 

All types of cold brew coffee beverages have their roots in the Italian-style coffee dessert named Affogato. If you prefer cold brew coffee over its hot variant, you are in for a treat. In this article, we will be looking at the easiest Affogato brew recipe. After reading this article, you will brew classic Affogato fusing gelato and espresso together. 

What is Affogato Coffee?

Affogato is not an English word. It comes from the Italian word Affogare. The literal meaning of this word is “to drown.” If you think about it, this name makes perfect sense, as Affogato is nothing but a mixture of gelato or ice cream, drowned in rich and warm Espresso. 

Affogato is a signature beverage in Italy. It is mainly served after dinner or lunch, during the summer months. But ardent fans of Affogato consume this dessert drink in the winter months as well. To brew great-tasting Affogato, you should always use the highest quality coffee beans as a rule of thumb.

As far as the caffeine content is concerned, one glass of Affogato will have the exact caffeine content as the espresso used with it. So, as a rule of thumb, the Affogato will contain the same amount of caffeine that you would expect from one or double shots of espresso. To put it in numbers, each serving of Affogato will have roughly 65-85 milligrams of caffeine.  

If you only drink decaf coffee, you can use it to make a glass of Affogato as well. To do that, mix decaf Espresso with ice cream. 

What Do You need to Brew Affogato Coffee?

Unlike coffee beverages, the Affogato does not require many ingredients, nor does it require you to stick to a strict recipe. For brewing Affogato, you need to first brew the espresso and get some ice cream from the nearest supermarket. The below list contains all the ingredients you will need per serving of Affogato. 

  • One or double shot of Espresso.
  • One scoop of vanilla gelato or any flavored ice cream
  • Mint for garnish, chocolate curls, and shaved almonds.
  • Stemmed dessert glasses.

Affogato Coffee Recipe for Beginners

Before starting with the recipe, take your dessert glasses and put them in the freezer. Let the glasses chill while you the other steps of brewing Affogato. This step is important because Affogato tastes better when served in a chilled glass. 

We are assuming you already know how to brew an Espresso shot. But if you are a beginner, here is a quick recipe for you. 

For this demonstration, we are going to be using a Affiliate LinkFrench Press. However, you can brew Espresso using an Affiliate LinkAeroPress or a Moka Pot as well. For brewing Espresso with a Affiliate LinkFrench Press, you will need.

Take the burr grinder and grind your coffee beans very finely. For the best results, you are advised to use either Espresso beans or dark roasted beans. For every cup of water, you should use 2 tablespoons of coffee beans. Fill up your kettle with water, and set it on top of the stove and keep the flame at a medium level. For a stronger final brew, it is advised that you use more coffee beans. 

Pour in the coffee grounds inside the French Press. Add some water to your French Press and let it sit on your counter for a few seconds. This will help extract the flavors and aroma of the coffee beans faster and more efficiently. Now add the rest of your water to the French Press. At this stage, you should not stir the coffee grounds. Let them bloom in hot water. Wait for 4-5 minutes, do not press yet.

Now take your French Press, and press down using even pressure. Always keep the pressure steady and slow. Plunge the press halfway down before releasing it. Now go all the way down, and finish the extraction. 

Affogato Coffee Serving

Now that you have the Espresso ready, you are all set to serve it with ice cream. You can either add two scoops of ice cream to a separate bowl and serve the espresso on a separate cup. This way, you can taste the ice cream separately. 

The second method of serving the espresso is, take one or double a shot of espresso, pour it over the ice cream, and serve it immediately. As far as garnishing is concerned, sprinkle some sliced almonds or chocolate chips on top of the ice cream scoop. You can also serve the Affogato with a few shots of your favorite liquor. Don’t go crazy though, add the liquor in moderation. 


Was the Affogato recipe easy or what? Do let us know if you have any confusion about the recipe. Before we conclude, here is one tip for you. Do not drink the Affogato as you would do to any other coffee beverage. Always use a spoon to devour your glass of Affogato. Dig into the ice cream, and mix it with some coffee, and put it inside your mouth for the ultimate coffee experience.

Affogato Coffee

Affogato Coffee At Home

Great Affogato Coffee Recipe.
Prep Time 5 mins
Course Dessert, Drinks
Cuisine Italian
Servings 1


  • 8-Cup French Press
  • Burr Coffee Grinder
  • Stovetop Kettle
  • Measuring Utensils
  • Stemmed Dessert Glass


  • 1 Shot Espresso 2 Shots Can Be Used If Desired.
  • 1 Scoop Vanilla Gelato
  • 1 Mint, Chocolate curls, and Shaved Almonds For Garnish


Make The Espresso

  • Take the burr grinder and grind your coffee beans very finely
  • Fill up your kettle with water, and set it on top of the stove
  • Pour in the coffee grounds inside the French Press
  • Add some water to your French Press and let it sit on your counter for a few seconds, allow them to bloom in hot water.
  • Wait for 4-5 minutes, do not press yet.
  • press down using even pressure

Adding The Gelato

  • Add A Scoop of Gelato To A Bowl
  • Pour Espresso over Gelato


Optional: A shot or two of your favorite liquor can be added if desired. 
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