How To Brew New Orleans Coffee (Cafe Nori) At Home

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New Orleans is a city that loves food. Some of the most popular recipes include gumbo, po-boys, beignets, and muffulettas, just to name a few! The New Orleans coffee recipe has been perfected with Chicory.

The origins of New Orleans coffee are in dispute, but it is said to have been created by European settlers. There are two types- hot and iced. No matter what you prefer, make sure that the beans used for brewing your drink were dark roasted a couple of days ago or even weeks before they’re brewed so as not to taste burnt (or put any creamers). Compared with regular coffee blends found elsewhere on earth, this brew has an unmistakable woody nutty flavor due partly to its use of Chicory, which is high in antioxidants and insulin components essential for human health!

What is New Orleans Coffee (Cafe Noir)?

In the Crescent City of New Orleans, locals sip a brew that is unlike any other in America. Called Café Noir or “Coffee Black,” this flavorful drink uses Chicory as its main ingredient – and herb so bitter it tastes just like Kale chips! This native plant grows wild throughout the city and belongs to the dandelion family’s leafy green vegetables called lettuces. So what exactly does chicory taste like? Imagine enjoying your morning coffee accompanied by a side salad made up entirely out of kale chips.

new orleans coffee

 Just like the coffee beans, it is roasted before being added to the coffee blend. After the Chicory is roasted and grounded, it gets woody, nutty, and coffee-like taste that complements the coffee beans’ taste. 

According to the natives of New Orleans, this unique ingredient is what makes Café Noir so special. Other than that, the New Orleans coffee has a chocolate caramel flavor and has a thick, intense dark color. Despite having a strong and thick consistency, it has lower caffeine content than regular coffee. 

But what made the New Orleans natives use Chicory? During the Civil War era, all the ports of New Orleans were blocked. This blocking is why no exporter could supply coffee to New Orleans. But as New Orleans people were fond of coffee, they had to come up with a new innovative way of making the best of whatever coffee supply they were left with.

As Chicory grew natively in New Orleans and was abundant in the region, natives of New Orleans started using Chicory combined with coffee. As both the chicory and coffee bean have many similar characteristics, they complement each other when added together. In many parts of New Orleans, chicory is used on its own for brewing a special type of beverage.  

What Do You Need To Brew New Orleans Coffee (Cafe Noir)?

The below list all the ingredients you will need to brew a delicious cup of Café Noir.

  • 4 Tbsp Drip-ground coffee
  • 2 Tbsp Affiliate LinkChicory Root (ground)
  • 1 Pinch Salt (Optional)
  • 32oz Filtered water
  • 2 Tbsp Sugar (Optional)

New Orleans Coffee (Cafe Noir) Recipe 

This Café Noir recipe involves using a Affiliate LinkPour-Over style coffee maker. If you already have one at your home, all you have to do is follow the recipe. Before starting brewing Café Noir, take your Pour-over coffee maker, and cleanse it. Now take the filter and add water inside it.

Now take the coffee, chicory, and salt, and place them inside the filter in the brewing basket. You can skip adding salt if you want to. In the meantime, take water, and put it on the stove, and keep the flame at a medium level. Add enough water to moisten the coffee grounds and chicory. When you are done adding water to the coffee bed, you should add half a cup of water to the filter. 

Wait for a few minutes for the water to drip down the coffee bed, and then add the second round of water. Repeat this process and add half a cup of water another three times. 

New Orleans Coffee (Cafe Noir) Serving

After the brew is prepared, you can serve immediately or keep the brew inside the pot for a later time. Café Noir is best served with regular sugar. To prepare Café au Lait, take your brew and add equal parts of the brew with scalded milk. 

After taking a sip, if you find it tastes bitter, add a bit of salt to soften the sourness. Your brew might taste bitter if you have used a low-quality coffee blend. Now that we know how to brew hot New Orleans coffee let us learn how to brew its cold variation. 

For brewing a cup of cold New Orleans coffee, you will need packaged coffee blend with chicory, a large pitcher, two mesh strainers, ice, milk, and cream. Take chilled water, and mix coffee blend in it. Take a spoon, and break any clumps that might float at the top. Now take the lid, and cover the pitcher with it. Let the pitcher sit for 12-24 hours. After that, take the strainer, and filter out all the coffee ground clumps. Let it sit on the counter for another 12-24 hours. Once it’s done, the coffee sediments will slowly settle at the bottom of the pitcher from the bottom.  


If you have never brewed New Orleans or Café Noir coffee before, now you know how to brew it. If you do not have Chicory at your home, you can get it from any health food store. You will also find retailers who sell pre-mixed coffee and chicory blends. Many of these blends add different spices to the original recipe, for instance, cinnamon and ginger. 

Buying these pre-made blends will make your job easier. Do let us know if you have any further queries. Leave a comment below, and we will get back to you.