How To Drink Coffee If You Hate the Taste of It

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Many people are not able to enjoy the taste of coffee. This is because there is a natural aversion to bitterness, which is one of the key tastes in coffee. If you are one of these people who dislike the taste, don’t worry! There are ways that you can still drink it and get all of its benefits without having to suffer through an unpleasant experience every time you have a cup.

This blog post will cover some tips on how to lessen or completely remove the bitter flavor from your coffee with a little extra effort required on your part!

Understand the taste of coffee

Before you can work on removing the bitterness from coffee, it is important to understand why it tastes bitter in the first place. Coffee contains two main compounds that are responsible for its bitter flavor: caffeine and chlorogenic acid. Caffeine gives coffee its stimulating effects, while chlorogenic acid is thought to have a number of health benefits, such as lowering blood sugar levels and reducing inflammation.

Because these compounds are present in coffee in high amounts, they contribute significantly to the drink’s bitter taste. If you want to reduce or remove this bitterness, then you will need to either lower the amount of caffeine and chlorogenic acid in your coffee or find ways to mask their flavors.

The following are a few different methods that you can use to mask the bitter taste of coffee.

Add a pinch of salt or sugar to your coffee

Drink coffee with milk or cream

You could also use milk as an alternative way to lessen the intensity of coffee’s bold flavors. Milk is naturally sweet, which means that it has some built-in benefits in terms of helping people enjoy their drinks without feeling irritated by them later on down the road. In addition to its sweetness, milk also contains fats and proteins that give your coffee a creamier texture and make it more filling.

If you want to stick with dairy-free alternatives, try using almond milk or soy milk instead of regular cow’s milk. Both of these options are relatively low in bitterness and have a slightly sweet flavor that can help to balance out coffee’s inherent sourness.

Try a different type of coffee bean

Another way to reduce the bitter taste of coffee is by choosing light roast beans over dark roast beans. Dark roasts contain significantly more caffeine and chlorogenic acid than light roasts, meaning that they will be much bitterer. If you’re looking for ways to enjoy your coffee without having to deal with its intense flavors, then start by trying out different types of roasts!

Add a flavored syrup

If you want to make your coffee taste more like a dessert or treat, then try adding flavored syrup to it. This will add extra sweetness and flavor to the drink, which can help to mask some of its bitter notes. There are tons of different flavors to choose from, so find one that you enjoy and start using it in your coffee every day!

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Brew it with a French press

Make iced coffee instead of hot coffee

If you’re looking for an easy way to rid your coffee of its bitter flavor, then perhaps the easiest solution is simply to make it iced instead. Cold brews are naturally sweeter and smoother than regular hot ones because they have a much lower acid level. This means that cold brewing will be gentler on your stomach and throat as well!


If you are looking to mask the bitter taste of coffee, there are a few different options. You can use salt or sugar to help reduce bitterness, milk as an alternative way to lessen the intensity, try using light roast beans over dark roast beans, and add flavored syrup for something sweet and tasty! If iced coffee is more your thing than hot coffee, then cold brewing is the best option. Cold brews have a much lower acid level so they will be gentler on your stomach and throat as well! Which methods do you think work best? Let us know in the comments below!