How to Make Coffee Extract from Fresh Coffee Beans

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As coffee drinkers know, there are many ways to brew a cup of joe. But did you know that with some creativity and preparation, you can produce your very own “coffee extract?” This is done by combining the flavor and strength of store-bought ground coffee with the freshness and convenience of whole beans. All it takes is a bit of time and knowledge about how to do it right!

In this article, we’ll go over all the details so that you can make your own delicious coffee extract at home. Keep reading for step-by-step instructions on how to measure, roast, grind, brew, and enjoy!

coffee extract

What is a coffee extract?

Coffee extract is a concentrated liquid form of coffee that contains both flavor and caffeine. The coffee extract can be added to other liquids for flavoring or consumed straight off the spoon! It has been described as being like “coffee liqueur” and is sometimes compared to chocolate syrup in color and richness. While coffee extract may seem like something that only professionals should try to make at home, we assure you that it’s actually quite simple with the right tools and a little know-how!

What do I need to get started?

To make your own extract, you’ll need several simple items: fresh coffee beans (a blend with a medium roast works well); cold press or french press; a grinder, cheesecloth (you can buy this on Amazon or at your local grocery store); and/or coffee filter. Also, you’ll need to pick out a storage container for the final product – an airtight Mason jar works best!

What type of fresh beans do I need?

For our purposes, any medium roast will work well. Try to avoid very dark roasts or lighter roasts that are labeled as “flavored.”

What does it take to grind the beans?

You can use a regular coffee grinder to get the beans into a coarse-textured p. This allows for an easier brewing process, even when there are larger bean grinds in the mix. You can also use a blender instead of a grinder, but you’ll need to pulse it several times at first and then become more thorough in the grinding process.

How much ground coffee do I need?

To make enough extract to fill a standard-sized jar, you’ll need about a quarter cup of medium roast coffee beans (or about 50 grams). As for the water/coffee ratio, there’s no exact science here! Add or subtract grinds and water until you have the strength that you want. You can always add more later if you decide that you’d like a stronger flavor.

How should I roast my coffee beans?

Coffee beans must be roasted to make extract! This is done by using either a stovetop method or an electric method. Stovetop roasting is an inexpensive method, but it requires some dedication and practice to get it right. Electric roasting requires a bit more equipment but produces better results than stovetop roasting.

What is the best way to extract my fresh beans?

There are several different methods for making coffee extract, and each one has its own benefits. We’ll go over two of the most popular.

Cold press or french press extraction method

This is best done using a French or cold press (pressurized) device that allows you to steep the beans in hot water until they reach an optimal flavor. To do this, first, grind your beans into a coarse powder and add it to the bottom of the french press or cold press. Next, pour very hot water over the coffee powder and cover it with the lid. Allow the mixture to steep for 2-3 minutes before pressing down on the plunger to separate your grounds from your final extract.

Vodka extraction method

If you don’t have a French or cold press, you can still make coffee extract by steeping the fresh beans in vodka! This is done by placing the ground coffee beans in a jar and pouring your favorite vodka brand over them. Shake or stir, then store in a cool dark place for 2 weeks to let the flavors infuse together. Strain through cheesecloth into another container (you can use this same jar as your final product storage jar).

Coffee Extract

What type of coffee extract should I choose?

You can enjoy this product straight up as a beverage or use it to add a unique flavor to your favorite food. If you don’t want the caffeine that’s included with other forms of coffee, try decaf! Many people also find that they enjoy an espresso variety of extract for a stronger flavor that’s perfect for adding to desserts.

  How can I make coffee extract using decaf?

As mentioned above, you need roasted beans for any variety of coffee extract. You can use decaf beans for making your own extract – remember that it may not be as strong!

Do I need special equipment for brewing and extraction?

No, you don’t need any special equipment! You’ll need to have the proper containers on hand and the right amount of fresh beans. What else should I know about this process?

The flavor that you get will vary from one roast to another. Experiment and enjoy learning how each variety of extract tastes on its own or in combination with other flavors.

How long is coffee extract good for?

The coffee extract can be stored in a closed jar for up to six months, but it won’t last that long if you are a coffee drinker like us!

How to enjoy your homemade coffee extract?

Coffee extract is typically used to create a stronger, more flavorful drink than that which would be created from typical brew methods. Using coffee extract, you can get your daily caffeine kick while still enjoying the flavorful taste of freshly roasted coffee beans. The most common uses for coffee extract are cold-brewed iced coffees and cold coffee drinks. You can also use the coffee extract to make regular brewed coffee as well if you wish.

Brewing iced coffees with coffee extract present no special challenges and are very easy to do. Just mix one part coffee extract for every five parts of water (or milk/half and half) that you want in your drink, making sure to use cold water/milk if you make iced coffee. Once the extract has been stirred into your drink, simply add ice cubes and enjoy!

Tips and tricks on how to make the perfect cup of joe!

-Use filtered or pure water when making coffee extract. Tap water may contain flavors or additives that will affect the flavor of your final product.

-Be sure to purchase quality coffee beans! Your homemade extract will only be as good as its starting ingredients, so buy the best and most flavorful beans you can afford.

-Consider buying a hot press (pressurized) device if you want to make cold brew with your french press. These are available in many home goods stores, priced affordably for any budget.

-If you’re new to coffee extraction, learn how each variety tastes before starting on a full batch – one cup won’t be enough to get an idea of what this method can do! Trial and error is

Where can you buy whole bean coffee in bulk near me?

Whole bean coffee is available for purchase at most supermarkets and grocery stores. If you choose to shop online, various retailers sell whole bean coffee in bulk.

Best whole bean coffee brands?

There is a wide variety of coffee brands on the market. The type of bean, roast, flavor, and grind are all factors that will affect the taste of your final cup. It can be difficult to find a brand with an appealing flavor and price point with so many varieties to choose from. Here’s a list of some popular Coffee brands:


Making coffee extract is a simple process that can be done at home with no special equipment. Coffee beans are the only ingredients needed for this recipe, and any roast flavor will work! The best part about making your own extract is how long it lasts – when stored in an airtight container for six months or more, the homemade coffee extract will make regular brewed coffee taste amazing every day. We hope these tips help you start experimenting with different flavors and roasts until you find one that you love!