How to Make Coffee Using A V60 Coffee Brewer

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Brewing coffee with a v60 Brewer is a great way for those who want to enjoy the perfect cup of joe without dealing with any complicated aspects such as ground-to-water ratios and timers.

All you need is a filter for your coffee grounds, hot water, and a mug or serving cup.

Once these three elements are all in place, you can brew the perfect cup of coffee using this method!

You can brew coffee in a v60 Brewer in a variety of ways. You can brew it using the pour-over method, or you can use an electric kettle that has temperature settings to offer more control over your final product. However, the most common way is simply by boiling water in a kettle and placing either one or two scoops of ground coffee inside the v60 brewer. You will pour a small amount of boiling water inside it and brew for a minute before removing it.

A V60 Brewer is a type of coffee brewing device created by Hario Company Ltd. in Japan back in 2005. It typically resembles the cone-shaped drip brewers used to make pour-over coffee, but it differs in a few details. V60 Brewer was designed to improve the final product of pour-over coffee by allowing baristas to control the water flow rate as it filters through the grounds and into the cup.

The benefits of brewing with the v60 method

The benefits are that you get to use your own coffee (ground at the time), you can select your own mug or cup size, and it’s quick, easy, and super-efficient.

The V60 Brewer works by allowing the hot water to drip very slowly through the ground beans which are held in a paper filter. This means that more oils and flavors are extracted from the grinds than with some other methods of brewing like French Press or espresso. The result is an excellent full-bodied brew!

Which type of v60 brewer should I buy?

The best materials to use for V60 brewers are glass, ceramic, and plastic. Glass is the best because it doesn’t retain flavors or odors that would otherwise taint your final product. Plastic mesh filters will reduce the amount of sediment that gets into your cup, and they also offer better flavor and more clarity. Ceramic v60 drip brewers are usually made from porcelain, and they provide a smooth taste with less sediment than plastic mesh filters. We recommend the ceramic version; you can pick one up on Amazon reasonably inexpensively.

What type of filters do you use on a v60 coffee maker?

You can use paper or metal filters.

Options for filtering:

Paper Chemex filters (8-12 cup size) fit perfectly inside a V60 filter and should be used as the top option if you’re looking to brew coffee with paper filters. Filters made specifically for a V60 (brand may vary depending on where you purchase it) also work well, and they come in either metal or paper varieties.

Some specialty stores sell specific reusable mesh filters that will go directly on top of your v60 brewer to make removal easier after the coffee has steeped, but these are usually unnecessary. Metal You can use standard drip cone-style metal filters with no problems at all! This is the most common way to filter v60 coffee.

How to make a cup of v60 brewed coffee

Start by placing a filter in the V60 and pre-wetting it with warm water.

Next, add a scoop or two (depending on preference) of coffee grounds to the V60 brewer, and pour boiling water until the coffee grounds are slightly saturated.

After allowing it to drip for about 30 seconds:

Pour another small amount of water and allow it to drip for an additional 30 seconds.

Repeat the process one more time, and set your hot water kettle out of the way while you wait for all three rounds of coffee to be filtered into your cup.

Serve and enjoy!

You’ve just learned how to brew a cup of v60 coffee! Brewing v60 coffee is a great way to enjoy the perfect cup of joe without dealing with any complicated aspects such as ground-to-water ratios and timers. All you need is a filter for your coffee grounds, hot water, and a mug or serving cup. Once these three elements are all in place, you can brew

This method is great for those who dislike waiting around for long periods to drink coffee. It’s also great if you like to serve multiple people at once. The main reason it’s better than other methods is that it produces less waste (grounds, filters, etc.)

How to make iced coffee using the V-60 method

Grind about 2 tbsp. of beans per serving (adjust accordingly).

Place the filter in the center of your V60 cone with the single fold facing down.

Pour ground coffee into the filter, and put hot water on top.

Let it drip for a minute or two; before serving over ice!

Don’t forget to rinse the brewer as soon as you’re done using it!

Other types of beans you can use in the V-60 method.

All medium to dark roasts should do well. Light roasts might not have enough flavor for this method, but experiment and see what works best. Drinking coffee is all about what tastes good to you. Below are some of the beans we’ve used and recommend.

Tips for making perfect coffee using this method

If you’re new to using pour-over brewers, try using a kettle with a gooseneck to control water flow.

If you’re looking for a more robust cup of coffee, use more ground beans.

If you’d like a milder-tasting cup, use fewer ground beans or grind finer.

Make sure the temperature of the water is 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal extraction.

Always keep your filter wet to help prevent papery-tasting grounds.

Ensure the filter is centered in the cone and not folded over; otherwise, it will leak!

Try putting less coffee in at first, then adding more if you like more robust flavors (adjust accordingly)

Don’t forget to rinse the brewer as soon as you’re done using it!

Make sure to store your leftover coffee (not that there will be many) in an airtight container.

Never reheat or microwave your coffee, as this will burn it and remove all of the flavors immediately.


The main reasons why the v60 method is better than other methods:

The method produces way less waste than other methods; you can use it with various cups and mugs; unlike many different methods, which require specific receptacles for their use, the method is also quick and easy to learn!


Brewing with a v60 Brewer is becoming increasingly popular, especially among those looking for an easy way to brew coffee. You can use this method to make iced and hot coffee in the comfort of your own home! If you’ve been enjoying higher-quality espresso drinks at cafes but don’t want to deal with all the hassle, we recommend trying out brewing with a V-60. The benefits it offers outweigh any disadvantages by far; take some time today and try making your first cup using this method!