How To Brew With A Kalita Wave Coffee Maker

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Is Kalita coffee a whole different species of coffee? Why is it different? What should I expect from it? Are you asking these questions to yourself? If yes, hold on; we will clarify all your confusion. 

Have you ever been to a coffee brewing championship? If yes, then you must have seen a ceramic dripper being used to brew coffee. That ceramic dripper is the essence of Kalita coffee brewing. The Kalita dripper allows you to brew your coffee more evenly, which results in a wholesome and fuller flavor. 

What is Kalita Coffee 

Katila is not a coffee species; it is the name of a famous Japanese coffee equipment manufacturer. They have been in the business since the 1950s. 

The key difference between Kalita and other forms of coffee brewing lies in the equipment that you use. To brew Kalita Coffee, you need a Kalita Wave Dripper. It can be made of stainless steel, ceramic, or glass. 

Another key difference between Kalita and other forms of coffee brewing is how you extract the flavors out of the coffee grounds. Unlike French Press, and Clever coffee brewing, which use a full-immersion technique, Kalita brewing involves the drip method. 

But why use Kalita Drippers? Well, this is because their drippers have a different configuration than other drippers. Kalita Drippers do not have a funnel-like shape. Rather, it has a flat bottom. Furthermore, it has three separate holes, each equally apart from the other.  

This entire configuration eliminates the possibility of water dripping through the holes. And as a result, you get a crisp tasting coffee. Furthermore, the dripper has minimal contact with the filter. This way, the temperature, and water are evenly dispersed.

What is the Kalita Wave 

When will you know that you have mastered this coffee brewing method? Well, when you have no trouble ensuring a slow spiral pour. 

To make it easier for beginners, Kalita has two different kinds of filters suited for different use cases. The first is the Kalita 185, which is suited for a larger dripper. On the other hand, the Kalita 155 is suited for people who are happy with one cup per brew. 

Recipe For Brewing Kalita Coffee 

Before we dive right into the recipe for brewing Kalita coffee, let us first look at the equipment we will need. 

Equipment for Brewing Kalita Coffee

Kalita Stainless Steel Wave 155 Coffee Dripper, Size, Silver

As a rule of thumb, try to stick to the ratio of 16:1, that is for every 16 grams of water, use 1 gram of ground coffee. 

As far as the ground coffee is concerned, if you are using an electrical grinder, set the grinder settings to 7.5 on a scale of 10. Avoid using a blade grinder as they are not ideal for making consistent and even coffee ground. 

Another good practice is to use 30 seconds as the bloom time, which is after every time you pour water, wait for 30 seconds till the water completely sips through the filter and into the coffee container. If the coffee ground is fresh, the coffee bed will rise after every time you add water, and you will see bubbles forming on top of the coffee bed. 

Recipe for Brewing Kalita Coffee

  • Take out your measuring scale and take 40g of ground coffee. 
  • Put water to boil on the stove. The preferred temperature for the water is 205ºF/96ºC.
  • Once you hit that temperature, take the wavey filter and place it on the filter. 
  • Pour some hot water on top of it to rinse the container and preheat the filer.
  • Take your ground and evenly spread it on top of the filter. Make sure the coffee grounds have no hollow spots, take a spoon, place it on top of the ground, and rotate it in a circular motion, it would even out the grounds and ensure a flat coffee bed. 
  • Now take your hot water kettle, and pour about 80g of hot water on the grounds. Take a spoon or a chopstick and stir the coffee ground to check if there are any dry coffee lumps. 
  • Let the water sit and filter through for 30-40 seconds.
  • Once it is done, take your hot water kettle again, and pour another round of water. This time pour the water in a circular motion. Pour the water at the outer edge of the filter and slowly move towards the center. 
  • This entire process might take 3:30-4 minutes in total.

Once the brew is complete, it is ready to be served. Go ahead and take a sip!

The Verdict

We do not intend to discourage you, but getting the Kalita coffee recipe right will take a few attempts. Do not expect to brew the finest Kalita coffee on your first go; you will improve with time and practice. After every brew, try and make a few observations.

For example, observe the bitterness of your brew. If the coffee tastes too bitter, the coffee grounds were too finely ground. Over-grounded coffee leads to over-extracted brew. To eliminate this problem, you should lower the ground scale. Furthermore, do not make the ground too large; otherwise, the final brew will taste hollow, thin, and grassy. 

With time, and practice you will get the hang of Kalita Coffee. And if you still have any confusion regarding the recipe, please leave a comment below, and we will get back to you.