How To Really Brew Pour Over Coffee

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Pour-over coffee is clean, delicious, and consistent. This happens because the water slowly drips through the coffee grounds, allowing all the flavors and aroma to bloom fully.

Unlike the Affiliate LinkFrench Press, which uses an immersion method, the Pour-Over method is an infusion method, making it more efficient at extracting the coffee soluble. 

As the name suggests, the Pour Over method involves pouring hot water through coffee grounds to extract the aroma and flavor. After the coffee drains through the filter, it pours down on a mug. People use the terms pour-over, drip coffee, and filter coffee interchangeably. But they refer to the same thing. Unlike other methods, we pour the water using our hands. 

What Do You Need To Brew Pour-Over Coffee?

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The following are the components you will need to brew pour-over coffee. We have provided links to Amazon where applicable. These links are affiliate links, see our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.

Coffee GroundAffiliate Link Dark roast coffee is ideal for brewing pour-over coffee. But if you like your coffee light, you can also go with a Affiliate Linkmild roast coffee. As far as how you should grind your coffee beans, do not use finely ground coffee beans for the pour-over method. If the coffee ground resembles sea salt, it might drip through the coffee filter and into the brew. If this happens, the brew will taste grainy. Use coarse and mild-ground coffee

Filter – We are going to use the filter to extract the coffee flavor from the ground. It is advised that you use a Affiliate Linkpaper coffee filter. Many available brands have specialty paper filters just for brewing pour-over coffee brewing. They come at a standard 100 pieces a pack, and their price range from as low as $4-$20. 

Dripper – Try to use a Affiliate LinkCoffee Dripper that is made out of plastic or stainless steel. You will find many ceramic and glass drippers as well, but they are very fragile. If you want something durable, go with plastic or stainless steel.

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Hot Water – We are going to pour the hot water on top of the coffee ground. Take a Affiliate LinkKettle and warm water until it starts to boil. Use a kitchen pad to take it off the stove. 

Scale – A Affiliate LinkKitchen Scale will ensure all your measurements are consistent, and you don’t have to guess about the quantity of the ingredients you add.

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It is a good idea to pour warm water through the filter before you start the brew. This will make the paper filter tender. And as a result, more flavor will pass through it. 

It is important to distinguish between brewing pour-over and drip coffee. Drip coffee is made by forcing water steam to pass through a reservoir that contains coffee grounds. The steam then cools down and drips through the basket and into the carafe. 

On the other hand, pour-over coffee is made using a different method. Warm water is poured over a filter that contains coffee grounds. As the water sips through the coffee grounds, it extracts the flavor. 

Pour-Over Brewing method Videos

The following videos will help you better understand the pour-over brewing method.

Source – Starbucks

How To Brew Coffee Using The Pour Over Method

Preheat The Water

Take a kettle and boil 600 grams of water.

Grind The Coffee Beans

If you have a grinder at home, take 30 grams of coffee. Grind them to a coarse level that resembles regular salt. The fine ground will make the coffee particles drip through the filter, resulting in a muddy flavor. This is why the grind must not be too fine.  

Add a Filter to the Dripper

Gently place a filter on top of the dripper. As mentioned before, you should pre-heat the filter with hot water. 

Add the Ground Coffee to the filter

Now add the coffee ground to the setup. After all the coffee grounds are added, use your finger to level the surface. You must have an even distribution of coffee. Otherwise, the uneven texture will result in an inconsistent coffee flavor. 

Take your dripper and filter, and place it on top of a jar. Now place the entire setup on top of a digital scale. Take the measurement, and subtract the amount of coffee you have added. If you were following the instructions carefully, you should have 30 grams of coffee. The remaining will be the weight of the setup. 

First Round of Pouring Water 

Take the warm water that you preheated. There will be a few rounds of adding water. You must keep the entire pour-over assembly on top of the scale. For this round, we are going to add 60 grams of warm water.

Take your kettle and slowly start pouring water over the coffee grounds. Start at the outer rim of the filter and slowly move towards the center. Try to saturate all parts of the coffee ground. No part should stay dry. This first round will take no more than 15 seconds. After you are done pouring the warm water, wait for half a minute. You will see the coffee grounds are starting to bloom.  

Second Round of Pouring Water

We will follow the same technique for the second round- start at the outer rim in a spiral motion and slowly move towards the center. For this round, we are going to add 150 grams of water.

If you are following the recipe, you will now have added a total of 150 grams of water to the ground. Keep pouring water at the center to submerge all the coffee grounds. Wait for a minute. The water will now move evenly and extract the flavor from the grounds.

Third Round of Pouring Water

The third round of pouring water is to wash round all the extracted flavor that got stuck in the coffee ground. For the third round, we are going to add 100 grams of water to the coffee grounds. The third round will take 15-20 seconds to complete.

Final Round of Pouring Water

Wait for the water from the third round to completely drip down to the jar. When that happens, you are all set to add the fourth and the final round of water. In this step, we are going to add 100 grams of water. This round will take 20 seconds to complete. 

How To Serve Pour Over Coffee

As far as the coffee to water ratio is concerned, 1g of coffee per every 16.7g of water is a good standard. Stick to a brew ratio between 1:15 to 1:17. After the brew is done, you can dilute the taste by adding more water. Serve the coffee with milk and sugar. Other dairy creamers will also complement the flavor of pour-over coffee.

Recommended Pour-Over Coffee Makers

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Pouring water over the coffee grounds is the most important task while brewing pour-over coffee. Pour warm water over the coffee grounds in a circular motion. Start around the rim and slowly make your way to the center. Do let us know if you have any further questions. Leave a comment below, and we will get back to you. 

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