Italian Scientists Find Drinking Espresso Makes You Less Likely To Die

Anyone who drinks coffee has something nice to say about its effects on the human body. It reduces anxiety, kills stress, rejuvenates the body is only a few of those things. On the other side, some people blame coffee for insomnia, digestion issues, and so on. 

If you drink several cups of joe each day, you should take the time to assess the pros and cons of drinking coffee. And that is exactly what we intend to do in this article. 

According to new research conducted by researchers from Italy, drinking espresso (Italian-style coffee) prevents the risk of cardiovascular disease. The study concluded, there is an inverse relationship between coffee intake and mortality rate. 

Background of the Research 

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The research’s main objective was to figure out the correlation between coffee consumption and cause-specific mortality rate. To do so, the researchers examined the mediating roles of N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide (NTproBNP), high-sensitivity Troponin I, blood glucose, lipid metabolism, and selected biomarkers of inflammation and renal function. 

Research Subjects

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The research was conducted on 20,487 men and women (All Native Italians). They were between the ages of 35-95 years old. This prospective cohort was established back in 2005-2010. They neither had any prior issues with cardiovascular function nor with cancer. All of the individuals in this sample size were observed for an average of 8.3 years. 

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During the entire research period, they all drank at least 30ml of coffee each day. Some participants drank 4+ cups of coffee, and some stayed on the lower end with one cup a day. 

Explanation of the Research Findings 

We all know that coffee has some energizing properties. Some people must have a cup of coffee before they head to the office. And then some people are used to drinking espresso after a hectic weekday. 

If you are either of these people, know that coffee boosts your physical performance. According to another research, drinking espresso or any other coffee beverage before working out improves your physical performance by 11-12%. 

But from this research, published by Italian researchers, we now know what element of the human body acts as a mediator between coffee intake and all-cause mortality. That is NTproBNP, a peptide found in every human body. 

If you go for regular health checkups, you might have seen the term NTproBNP in your report card. But what is it exactly? 

NT-proBNP is a hormone, which is continually produced in small quantities in the heart and released in larger quantities when the heart senses that it needs to work harder. If the hormone level drops or rises in your body, you have higher chances of heart failure. Caffeine helps to keep NT-proBNP in check and maintain a stable level. 

What Should be your Takeaway

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Your takeaway should be, drinking espresso reduces your chances of developing cancer or any cardiovascular disease. This research was published in the Journal of Nutrition; you can please read the findings any time you want.  

Other Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Are you a coffee lover? If yes, you might drink several cups of coffee each day without even knowing their health benefits. The Following are some of the benefits you may not be aware of! 

Reenergizes the Human body

Caffeine, the main component of coffee, helps people feel less tired, and it also helps to increase the energy levels. After you drink one cup of coffee, the caffeine is absorbed into your bloodstream, from where it travels to the human brain. 

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Once in your brain, caffeine blocks the inhibitory neurotransmitter adenosine. Once the level of adenosine in your brain drops, you no longer feel sleepy or drowsy. 

Improve Physical Performance 

Caffeine, the main component of coffee, stimulates your nervous system. As a result, the fat cells in your body start breaking down the body fat in your body: this way, the fatty acid content in your body increases, which is then available as fuel. 

Caffeine also increases epinephrine (adrenaline) in your body, which is the fight or flight hormone. This hormone prepares your body for intense physical labor. 

Essential Nutrients

We all know that coffee supplies the body with antioxidants. American people get more of their daily antioxidant supply from coffee than they do from fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants are important to prevent internal inflammation. 

But there are a few other nutrients that coffee supplies the body with. 

Other benefits of drinking espresso include reduced chances of developing Parkinson’s disease, colon cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and brain stroke. Furthermore, coffee helps the human body break down glucose, which is the number one culprit behind causing type 2 diabetes. 


We hope now you have no reason to fear having several cups of coffee each day. It is proven to have direct effects on your cardiovascular health. However, we do not encourage you to go on a mad coffee drinking spree or double your daily coffee consumption. Too much consumption of anything is not good.

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As a rule of thumb, 400 milligrams (mg) of caffeine a day is the limit you should stick to. If your daily intake is lower than that, then you do not have to make any changes. But if you exceed the 400 milligrams limit, or in other words, if you have more than 4 cups of coffee each day and are suffering from prolonged headache, irritability, insomnia, and nervousness, you should cut down on your coffee intake.