What Is Nitro Brew Coffee? All You Should Know…

One of the few things in life that’s always a treat, aside from fresh-brewed coffee, is nitro cold brew. When I first had a chance to try this amazing innovation, I was determined to make it at home for myself. I want to share my favorite recipes and tell you about a great Nitro Brew that I recently bought. If you’ve never tried a cold nitro brew before, you’ll want to check this out.

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What’s So Special About Nitro Brew Coffee?

The biggest difference in the nitro cold brew is how it’s made. There are different brewing methods, and depending on your preferences, and they will impact the flavor range you’ll taste.

Why is this important to mention? Because nitro cold brew is unlike other coffees since it’s infused with nitrogen. Other factors such as oxygen can affect coffee’s flavor, but I’ll get into that later.

A nitro brew’s main feature is the foamy cascading effect you see when you order a Guinness beer pint.

Now imagine that somebody took the time to dream this up and serve it to their customers? And believe it or not, it wasn’t Starbucks! In 2013, Mike McKim at Cuvee Coffee started serving cold brew nitro coffee to his customers.

It was so different that I drove on a weekend trip all the way to Austin, Texas, to try it for myself. If you have the time, I highly recommend making the trip; you won’t be disappointed.

Being a bit of a coffee nut, I begged Mike to tell me how he did it. Since I wanted to start making it at home and possibly bring it to the coffee house that I managed, he was pretty tight-lipped about the recipe’s specifics, but I got the basic info that I could piece together. And through experimentation, I finally cracked the secret why his recipe tastes so different.

First of all, the original cold brew method is all about water temperature and the steeping time.

Later I found out that oxygen also does something to cold brew coffee and loses flavor. If you make cold brew at home, you probably never knew that this could happen.

This is why I use a 2-gallon wine jug with a vacuum cap. Just like you can save wine by removing the bottle’s oxygen, I used a handheld wine vacuum pump. I bought it from Target, but I’ll include a link for a decent kit on Amazon. This way, I could cold brew my coffee grounds in the fridge overnight. After that, I could filter the grounds out and put them directly into a whipped cream dispenser. You must use the N20 Nitrogen cartridges, or this process doesn’t work at all.

Add your cold-brewed coffee into the dispenser, close it up and screw in the nitrogen cartridge. Shake it about 10 times, and you are ready to serve. The best temperature for this is 35 degrees Fahrenheit since it simply tastes better as a cold coffee beverage. Even though you can use the whipped cream canister, they now have the nitro brew coffee maker mini keg. I like the novelty of using the whipped-cream bottle, but the keg can hold up to 64oz for weekend parties. This gives you a half-gallon or 4 pints of nitro brew.

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Differences In Making Your Coffee

You don’t have to be a purist when it comes to the cold-brew method; you can use other brewing styles. Some like using the French Press or Aeropress and chill the coffee afterward. There will be a noticeable difference in flavor since cold brewing gives coffee a smooth taste with little acidity.

Freshly brewed coffee will have more bite and higher caffeine for those who like that natural coffee boost. Mild cold brew with full flavors Vs. freshly brewed with brightness and higher caffeine can both be suitable for nitro brewed coffee.

You can also add flavors and cream beforehand to your coffee to get a very different nitro brew result. If you’re the kind that likes adding a bit of whiskey to your coffee, this is one pint that will be pretty memorable.

There’s also the option to add aromas and powdered flavors like strawberry or chocolate. You can also choose to use fruity or sugary flavors that come from kid’s breakfast cereals. Just pour it over any cereal, sit for 10 minutes, and filter out the milk. Then you can mix that into your nitro brew afterward.

In my opinion, there aren’t too many rules that apply to what you put into your serving cup. It does take longer to make a cold brew coffee since it needs to steep overnight. Some coffee purists will allow as many as 48 to 72 hours to get flavors’ maximum saturation. While you can cheat with a standard brew and make a quick espresso or pot of coffee. As long as you chill it before you put it into your nitro brew chamber. Your coffee must be completely filtered since this can plug-up the faucet or whipped cream nozzle.

What I Liked About The Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

  • It’s easy to clean and put together when you need to clean all the parts.
  • It comes with a 3-in-1 wrench to assemble and take apart all the pieces.
  • This mini keg gives you 8 to 10 serving cups worth or a total of 4 full pints.
  • You don’t need to put only coffee inside this mini keg; you can experiment with tea or juice.
  • This mini keg is small enough to fit inside any size fridge to keep your contents cold.
  • The serving tap handle has a smooth and easy to pour motion with no jerking at all.

What I Didn’t Like About The Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

  • The release valve on the nitro brew coffee maker can spray coffee if you release it too fast.
  • Be careful with the inside lip handles; they can be sharp due to left-over metal burs.
  • Do not use nitrous oxide with this coffee maker; only nitrogen (N20) is 100% safe.
  • You have to buy the nitrogen cartridges separately.

My Conclusion

My best advice is that you try making the nitro brew with a whipped cream container first. The cost is minimal, and you can experiment with making a cold brew or freshly brewed coffees. Then you can see which tastes better for you. Perhaps this might be a different idea, but putting iced tea inside this keg might make your experience more exciting. But obviously, I’m not here to convince you to upgrade to bubble tea. Cold brew coffee is absolutely worth trying using the nitro brew method. Check it out!

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