Captain Crunch Berry

Starbuck Secret Menu: Captain Crunch Berry Frappuccino

Captain Crunch Berry is a delicious combination of the two classic flavors, Captain Crunch and berries. This secret menu item combines strawberry, toffee, and hazelnut syrups into a strawberry & Cream Frappuccino. This concoction is then blended with ice and finished off with whipped cream. The result is a frosty blended drink that tastes like … Read more

12v coffee makers

3 Of The Best 12V Coffee Makers of 2022 (With Alternatives)

If you’re someone who is on the road a lot or loves the great outdoors, then you know that coffee is an important part of your morning routine. However, traditional coffee makers can sometimes be bulky and difficult to transport, this is where 12v coffee makers can help. Fortunately, getting your daily caffeine fix isn’t … Read more

best dual coffee maker

The Best Dual Coffee Makers of 2022: A Definitive guide

Do you love dual brew coffee makers? Do you make ground coffee often and want to know what the best dual coffee maker of 2022 is? Well, I have some good news for you! In this article, I will explore all things, two-way coffee makers. We’ll discuss why they’re so great, which ones are the … Read more

presto dorothy

Presto Dorothy Rapid Cold Brewer [2022 Review]

When it comes to cold brewing coffee, you have a lot of different options. From using an old-fashioned Affiliate LinkFrench Press pot to buying one of the many types of cold brewers on the market today, there are plenty of ways for you to get your caffeine fix. This article will discuss how to use … Read more